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Annual Seminar of the Schools Network

The Football Schools, in cooperation with the Academy’s Board, organize each year the “Olympiacos Schools Educational Seminar”. The seminar takes two days. The theoretical part is held at the Karaiskakis Stadium and practical part in the team’s Training Center. It is attended by all the heads of the schools, coaches and trainers, physiotherapists and network members.

School Championship and Cup in Attica

The Football Academy’s Board, faithfully following its principles for development, upgrading and optimization of the youth teams, organizes every year an internal championship and a cup among the schools of Attica.

These events last around seven (7) months and take place at schools’ facilities. The age categories that participate for each school are four (4), U-6, U-8, U-10 and U-12.

The Board’s main goal is to ensure that the matches are held under the right conditions and to fully meet the needs of the athletes.

In direct collaboration with the Academy, there’s the opportunity to continuously monitor and evaluate both our schools and our players. In all this, the focus is always on participation, the joy of playing and reinforcing good sportsmanship.

The final phase of the championship and the cup, which constitute a celebration for our schools, takes place in our team’s Training Center, and also allows the participation of schools from the non-central regions.

All the children and coaches are given participation certificates, as well as gifts from Olympiacos’ sponsors.

Football Camp

Olympiacos FC Football Academy annually organizes, during the month of June, summer sports camps addressed to children (boys and girls) from 5 to 16 years, on our team’s Training Center.

The aim of summer training courses is to participate, to have fun, to use one’s free time in a constructive way and to learn basic skills.

The football course includes football modules and game plays focusing mainly on technique. Also, theoretical lessons and lectures on regulations, fitness, nutrition, hygiene and prevention enrich the every day in the camp.

Within the football camp, there is a special module for athletes playing the position of the goalkeeper.

Tours in G. Karaiskakis Stadium and Museum

All our camp athletes participate in the tour in the G. Karaiskakis Stadium and our club’s Museum. Olympiacos’ bus picks children from Rentis Training Center and, with the escort of trainers, the children pay a visit inside the G. Karaiskakis Stadium facilities, whilst learning about the history of Olympiacos, walk around other spaces and take unique pictures, so as to remember this experience later.


The Summer Camp’s official set

Participation certificate

Individual evaluation card

Olympiacos’ gifts

Light meal

Insurance coverage

Information & update on the camp

Telephone: 210-3418 000 between 10:00 and 17:00
Fax: 210-3418 002
E-mail: schools@olympiacos.org

Player evaluation program for schools

The Academy, in cooperation with the School Network, organizes annually programs for all ages aiming to evaluate young footballers. Children participate in training sessions and matches in our school facilities divided by age.

Each year, more and more children from our schools integrate the Academy. This fact shows the excellent methodical work that is being done in the network.

Social Corporate Responsibility

The Football Academy’s Board aims not only at promoting football, developing sports and reinforce the ideas and principles advocated by the sports movement, but also at fostering social sensitivity and participation in cultural activities of young athletes who are in the youth teams.

Within this framework, the Schools Network has incorporated a series of social and cultural activities, undertake initiatives and actively support wider layers of our society and our fellowmen in need.

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