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Rentis Training Centre

The training Centre in Ag. I. Rentis

In 2004, OLYMPIACOS F.C. built its own ultramodern training Centre at Agios Ioannis Rentis, where the old facilities used to be. The training Centre serves the needs of the Men’s football and basketball teams, as well as OLYMPIACOS’s other sports departments.

Sports grounds

The Training Centre contains three sports grounds. Two of those meet FIFA’s standards (their dimensions are 105x68m), whereas the construction of the third was concluded in 2005. All three sports grounds consist of natural grass, are equipped with a draining system (so that no rain, snow or bad weather can destroy them), are flat and their distance from the protective walls or fences are: three meters from every touchline and 7,5 meters from every goal line. They also have lights and a terrace of approximately 3.000 seats.

The guestrooms, the restaurant and the reception area

The construction’s facilities are divided into three sections; the guestrooms, the locker-rooms and the gym. The guestrooms consist of a two level building, on the ground floor of which there is a reception area, a living room, a playroom, the dining room, the kitchen and the storage room. On the first floor there are 18 double rooms, 2 single ones and a living room equipped with PCs and wireless internet. All 18 double rooms are used by football players. The two single ones (same dimensions with the double) are usually used by the coach and one of his closest colleagues. All rooms have wi-fi. The guestrooms are used by the men’s football and basketball team, prior to their Hellenic Championship, Cup and European games.

Locker rooms

The second unit consists of the team’s modern locker-rooms. This building is also a double leveled construction. On the ground floor there are two locker rooms in order to accommodate two teams, if that is ever necessary. There are also showers, restrooms and offices.
On the first floor there are five offices for the training centre’s managers, one conference room and restrooms.

The gym, the ergometrical and physiotherapy centre and the pool

The gym, the ergometrical and the physiotherapy centre constitute the training centre’s third unit; a large work-out room (gym), a medical and physiotherapy area, Turkish baths, Jacuzzi, sauna and a pool. There is also a fully equipped conference room. In the building’s basement there is a pool, a boiler room and two electric substations. All three levels are accessible through a staircase, an elevator and a ramp. Outside the building and within the surrounding area, there is a large parking space.

The Rentis Training Centre also houses the OLYMPIACOS Football Academy in a different building which consists of locker rooms, gym and offices. There are also two more pitches (one with natural and another with plastic grass).

Rentis Training Centre

Legaki 9-11 Ag. I. Rentis, Postal Code 18233

Telephone: 0030-210-3418000, Fax: 0030-210-3418006

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