O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5




1. Issue of Season Ticket

1.1. The issue of a season ticket and subsequent access to the Ground (“G. Karaiskakis” Stadium) are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Entry as defined by the regulations of the Hellenic Football Federation (EPO) Superleague 1, FIFA, UEFA, as well as the decisions of State bodies regarding measures for the prevention of violence and measures for dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic and access to stadiums.

1.2. Season tickets are intended for use only by holders of the Olympiacos SFP “Fan Card” and the Fan Card under art. 4 of JMD 229157/12877/1280/236. By submitting an application for a season ticket and/or using it, the Applicant declares and guarantees that he/she is the holder of a Olympiacos SFP “Fan Card”, a Fan Card under abovementioned JMD as well as any Certificates provided by the decisions of the competent Authorities (eg. Health-related etc.), and undertakes to present them, if asked by the FC during the season or if required following decisions taken by competent State bodies. OLYMPIACOS FC reserves the right to request more conditions to be met for the use of the ticket for the use of the season ticket if so required following decisions taken by competent State bodies. In all cases, OLYMPIACOS FC reserves the right to amend these terms according to applicable legal provisions or following any extraordinary change in the circumstances or emergency within the meaning of the Law (Civil Code’s art. 388) and for the period of time required, without the Club being liable to pay damages to the holders. If the above statements prove to be inaccurate or the ticket holder refuses to disclose the relevant documents to the FC upon request, OLYMPIACOS FC may dispossess the season ticket without right of compensation.

1.3. By purchasing and/or accepting and/or holding a season ticket and/or by using a Season ticket to have access to the “G. Karaiskakis” Stadium, the holder: (a) certifies to have read, understood and accepted, and (b) agrees to be bound by and comply with these Terms & Conditions of Entry.

2. Entry to the Ground

2.1. Without prejudice to more detailed specifications mentioned herein, a season ticket is valid for all fixtures of the Olympiacos FC First Team at the “G. Karaiskakis” Stadium and solely for the season 2023–2024. These “Terms and Conditions of Entry” do not constitute or imply any right of the holder to take the seat stated on the Season Ticket or to attend any game in any subsequent season.

2.2. Without prejudice to the provisions of the Law and resolutions by competent State bodies regarding the adoption of preventive measures against Violence, access to grounds, a Season Ticket allows the holder to watch the match from the seat mentioned in the Season Ticket. In case of venue change due to disciplinary sanctions or any other reason, all rights of the holders are transferred –as far as conditions allow and in order of priority in case of limited capacity– to the ground where the team is going to perform.

2.3. In the event of an OLYMPIACOS FC match(es) held behind closed doors due to club being sanctioned or for any other reason, OLYMPIACOS FC has no responsibility to compensate the season ticket holder.

2.4. The FC may not guarantee that a Match will take place at a specific time or on a specific date and shall have no responsibility whatsoever for any change in a match date or time. The FC reserves the right to reschedule any match in accordance with the schedule determined by the organising authority of each competition (Superleague 1, EPO, UEFA) without notice and without any liability whatsoever. The FC recommends that a Season Ticket holder should visit the FC website on a regular basis to check the latest match dates and times.

2.5. OLYMPIACOS FC may, at its sole discretion and without any penalty, either change the seat stated on the season ticket (at the time of its purchase) by granting a different seat within the same stand, or not allow entry to the ground, in the event that restrictions are imposed by law, or specific conditions regarding the right of access to the grounds or any change regarding the percentage of fans allowed to enter the grounds in fixtures of domestic and international competitions, and for as long as these restrictions last.

3. Use of a Season Ticket

3.1. Α Season Ticket is personal and for exclusive use and any kind of resale or free granting thereof is prohibited.

3.2. It is forbidden to the Season Ticket Holder to make it directly available to any third party, even if the latter legally holds a valid Fan Card under the JMD of par. 1.2.

3.3. Access to the ground with the Season Ticket may not be used (nor is authorized in any way) for advertising and/or promotional purposes (including lotteries, competitions, etc.) or other commercial purposes without the written permission of OLYMPIACOS FC.

3.4. The season ticket holder is responsible to keep and preserve the season ticket issued to him/her by OLYMPIACOS FC. In case of theft or loss of the ticket, he/she must declare said theft or loss before the start of the match with a written declaration-application to the Ticket Handling Department of OLYMPIACOS FC in order to cancel the ticket and in accordance with the procedure set by OLYMPIACOS FC each time. In case of an attempted use of a season ticket card already declared as lost, it shall be removed and destroyed by OLYMPIACOS FC employees. This procedure shall also be followed in case of loss or theft of the fan card.

3.5. In the context of a possible loss of the season ticket and following relevant declaration, the first re-issue of the season ticket has a cost of 10€ (ten euros), while in case of a second re-issuance of the season ticket, the cost amounts to 20€ (twenty euros). The Season Ticket can be reissued a maximum of two (2) times per season. No further copies shall be issued after the second re-issue.

3.6. Season Tickets purchased from third parties or anyone other than OLYMPIACOS FC that holds the exclusive right to sell tickets, are considered invalid and their holders shall not be allowed to enter the ground. Unauthorized sale or distribution or use of a Season Ticket may amount to a criminal offence pursuant to applicable law. The FC shall inform the Police in case it is established that a Season Ticket has been illegally sold or distributed. The information to be provided to the Police may include true holder’s personal data, information about the infringement and said ticket(s) purchase (including payment details) in order to identify the offenders and prevent riots during matches.

3.7. Any Season Ticket acquired or used in violation of the Terms and Conditions of Entry, as defined by the provisions of the sports legislation in general and State decisions, indicatively and not restrictively regarding measures of prevention against Violence, shall be immediately cancelled without penalty for the FC and all rights arising from this Season Ticket shall be annulled.

3.8. Any person seeking to use a Season Ticket in violation of the Terms and Conditions of Entry in order to enter the Ground or remain in the ground during a Match may be denied entry or be expelled from the Ground for the specific Match and/or have his/her Season Ticket cancelled. In case of cancellation of the Season Ticket in accordance with these terms, no money shall be refunded to its holder for the duration of the Ticket that has not been used up yet. The FC further reserves its right to take any legal action against any person it deems appropriate in relation to the above matters, including claims for loss of profits resulting from unauthorized use of the Season Ticket.

3.9. A season ticket holder leaving the Ground at any time on the Matchday shall not be entitled to return to the Ground unless the FC expressly approves (at its sole discretion) such re-entry.

3.10. The use of a child season ticket by an adult is strictly prohibited. In case of attempted entry, the ticket shall be dispossessed and cancelled by the FC without the latter being obliged to return the ticket or its value in whole or in part; it is agreed hereby that its value shall be forfeited in favour of the FC as a minimum penalty clause without prejudice to any other rights of the FC.

4. Obligations of the holder – Prohibition of entry

4.1. When entering the premises, it is possible that a physical check, as well as an identity check, take place. For this reason, the ticket must indispensably be accompanied by the Fan Card under the aforementioned JMD, identity card or passport or residence permit, as well as Vaccination or Recovery Certificate, if required at the time of a match in accordance with the applicable legislation. The FC is obliged to prohibit entry to the ground should the above documents be not provided. OLYMPIACOS FC reserves the right to request more conditions to be met for access to the sports premises if required by the decisions of the competent State bodies.

4.2. Bringing into the sports premises any object that may be used in acts of violence (fireworks, flares, alcohol, etc.) is forbidden.

4.3. Any object prohibited to bring in and use within the Ground by law, regulations and decisions by the OLYMPIACOS FC administration shall be seized and destroyed in case of attempted introduction thereof in the Ground. In case of violation of the above or other illegal behaviour of the holder within the Ground, as well as violation of the terms of this contract, OLYMPIACOS FC reserves the right to prohibit the holder of the right of entry and to dispossess the season ticket without having to refund its value in whole or in part. It is agreed hereby that its value shall be forfeited in favour of the FC as a minimum penalty clause without prejudice to any other rights of the FC.

4.4 Mobile phones and other mobile devices are allowed inside the Stadium, PROVIDED THAT (a) they are solely for personal and private use (which, for instance and to avoid any doubt, shall not include recording, registering, offering, broadcasting, reproducing, publishing, screening, sharing or communicating of content in any form for any commercial purpose), and (b) the outcome of said recording shall not be posted or offered in any other way to third parties, including and not limited to social media and/or websites

4.5 The following are prohibited in the Ground: a) possession and consumption of alcohol, as well as any other illegal substance, b) use of flags, banners, signs with political, commercial, advertising, racist, abusive or other content demeaning to a third party’s personality and ethics, c) anti-national, racist and generally abusive slogans, d) video and radio footage or in any other way the transmission and description of the match, e) throwing any object to the ground that may cause injury, damage, anxiety or inconvenience to people or property without legal authority or justification.

4.6 A season ticket holder fully and unequivocally accepts:

4.6.1. All restrictions and controls for smooth entry and stay in the Ground, among which to undergo control via a metal construction-enabled access control gate for individual fans (turnstiles).

4.6.2. The mandates and instructions of the designated bodies to maintain safety and order in and around the Stadium;

4.6.3. Recording of his/her stay, movement and behaviour within the ground performed by a Hellenic Police-operated closed circuit security system.

4.6.4. The Stadium regulation concerning the behaviour of fans on the premises and the sanctions provided for therein; and

4.6.5. Regulations and provisions of football administrative bodies.

4.6.6. To comply with applicable legislation pertaining to the Fan Card as specified in the JMD under art. 1.2, to present all necessary documents and information for its issuance and any renewal thereof required by law, to pay all statutory costs for the Card’s issuance, to carry it with him/her upon entry in the sporting facilities; otherwise, his/her entry may be denied.

4.7 Any season ticket holder who, by means of their inappropriate, unsportsmanlike or illegal behaviour, causes damage or wear to, or destroys assets owned, used, possessed or operated by Olympiacos FC, and/or the owner of the ground, or the enforcement of disciplinary/ administrative penalties and measures against Olympiacos FC in accordance with the applicable sports or other legislation, shall be individually liable to full compensation and remedy for any damage, whether incidental, consequential or future, caused to Olympiacos FC and/or its associated companies and natural or legal persons.

4.8 The FC may conduct security investigations where it has reason to believe that any of the breaches referred to in Section 4 have either occurred or may occur.

4.9 The FC respects the principles of equality and diversity and it is important that all fans share these principles. All season ticket holders shall have to abstain from any form of conduct that is racist, homophobic or abusive and abstain from any form of biased, including, indicatively, any discrimination (on the basis e.g., of a person’s age, gender, colour, origin, religion, sexual orientation etc.)

4.10 In case of an ascertained violation of the provisions of Paragraph 4, the FC reserves the right to remove the season ticket from the holder without any obligation to compensate.

5. Photo/Video-recording

5.1. Season Ticket holders entering the Ground acknowledge that photographs and/or audiovisual recordings (and/or photographs that may be taken from inside the ground) may also be used, indicatively and not restrictively, in the television coverage of the match and/or for the purposes of promotion, education, or marketing by the FC or others (including commercial partners and associated TV stations or pay channels), and that the use of a season ticket to enter the ground constitutes their consent for such use.

5.2. All Season Ticket holders acknowledge that any match the Ticket has been purchased for is a public event and that their presence and actions within and around the Stadium where a match is held are of a public nature. Therefore, they will have no expectation of privacy regarding their presence or conduct during the matches.

6. Exemption from Liability

6.1. The FC and KARAISKAKIS S.A. and their Officers or Employees shall not be responsible for:

(i) any loss, damage or injury to a holder of a Season Ticket or to any property belonging to the holder of the Season Ticket in or around the Stadium or the parking areas, arising from any cause;

(ii) any losses resulting from any cancellation, postponement or re-scheduling of a Match in accordance with paragraph 2 including any indirect loss or damage (such as but not limited to travel/accommodation costs).

Season Ticket holders are solely responsible to take care of their personal belongings.

6.2. The FC shall not be responsible for any problems and/or restrictions in attending the Match caused by (i) the exact position of the Ticket seat and/or (ii) the behaviour of other spectators.

7. Surveillance of premises

7.1. The area of the premises facility where the FC competes is electronically monitored by the Hellenic Police for the prevention of and dealing with acts of violence and criminal offences in general, according to JMD 229158/12878/1281/237 (Government Gazette B issue 1802, 20-08-2015).

7.2 Use and operation of electronic surveillance systems lie exclusively within the Hellenic Police in its function as Controller in accordance with the above JMD.

8. Personal Data

8.1. The holder has the right to access his/her personal data processed by the FC and to raise objections in the event of their use for promotional/advertising purposes, by registered letter to the Ticket Handling Department of Olympiacos FC or by sending a statement to fax number +30 210 4800935. Contact Details: Olympiacos FC Ticket Handling Department, G. Karaiskakis Stadium, 18547, Karaoli Dimitriou & Sofianopoulou, tel. +30 210 4800920.

9. General Terms

9.1. Partial or full invalidity of any provision in these Terms & Conditions shall not compromise or affect the remaining Terms, which shall continue to apply in full.

9.2. Any delay or omission by the FC to exercise any right provided by these Terms or by law shall not be construed to be a waiver thereof.

9.3 The FC reserves the right to made these Terms from time to time and shall post said changes on the FC’s website if the materially affect the holder’s rights as a consumer.

The Applicant declares that: (a) All details I have written in this application are correct and true and I undertake to notify the FC in writing about any change in said details. I acknowledge that “Olympiacos FC” collects, maintains and processes my personal data as included in the application, in accordance with the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (GRPPD), Law 4624/2019, in conjunction with the provisions of art. 41C of Law 2725/1999 as in force and the relevant “Ticket Holders Privacy Notice,” as posted in the relevant Section of the FC’s website that I have read and fully understood. (b) All details and representations provided by me upon purchase of the ticket are accurate and correspond to reality.

I hereby give my consent to OLYMPIACOS FC to use my personal data for advertising, research, and promotional/advertising purposes of partner companies and sponsors, and public health purposes; also, to post me any newsletter the FC deems proper to my home, work or email address or to call me for the above reasons. (c) In the event that said processing of my personal data is carried out on the basis of consent, I understand that I have the right to withdraw my consent at any time, by contacting the email address: amr@olympiacos.org; from that moment on, the FC shall cease this activity that I had previously consented to, without this withdrawal impairing the lawfulness of the processing carried out, based on my consent prior to its withdrawal. In the event that there is an alternative legal basis justifying the continued processing of your data for this purpose, we shall inform you.

For more information regarding processing of your personal data and your rights, including the manner and the circumstances under which they are exercised, please see the relevant “Ticket Holders Privacy Notice” as posted in the “TICKETS” section of the FC’s website at the following link: https://www.ticketmaster.gr/olympiacos/showNews.html?idNews=2000202

We note that the ticket holder may exercise his/her rights by registered letter to the Ticket Handling Department of Olympiacos FC or by sending his/her declaration to the fax number +30 210 4800935 or to the email address: amr@olympiacos.org.

Controller’s Contact Details: OLYMPIACOS FC Ticket Handling Department, G. Karaiskakis Stadium, 18547, Karaoli Dimitriou & Sofianopoulou, tel. +30 210 4800920.

I have read and accepted the terms, and received the document of said terms.

Name: ________________________ (as it appears in the Application)

Surname: _________________ (as it appears in the Application)


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