O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
The comments of our players

The comments of our players

After the end of the UEFA Europa League game against F.C. Metalist and the team’s elimination from the competition, the players of Olympiacos stated the following:

Kevin Mirallas
“We played very well during 80 minutes but it was in the last 10 minutes of the game, when we kicked back, that we lost the qualification. We played better in both games but we relaxed in the end and paid for our mistake. We have been playing for ten months straight and it is true that we are very tired.

The derby against Panathinaikos is a completely different match and we know that if we win, it is highly likely that we will be champions; so we have to put our fatigue aside and do our best. Besides, I think that the starting team that Mr. Vlaverde will align will be the most appropriate one for the match and will do everything in its power to win it.”

David Fuster
“We are going to have a hard time sleeping tonight, but we must recover fast and have a completely different mentality in the game against Panathinaikos in order to beat them; we must prove we are the best team in Greece.

We had a very good campaign this season in Europe and showed that we can stand against strong teams. We’ve had some great games and proved that we are worthy of a place among the top clubs. We are disappointed by our elimination but we are happy in general for our good performances.”

Ivan Marcano
“Right now we are wounded and our entire team is very sad. We are heartbroken by our elimination but we must get passed it and move on.

We have a very important game against Panathinaikos coming up and we must be 100% ready for it since we all know that winning the Championship is our primary target.

Up to now, we’ve had an remarkable campaign in the Europa League, we’ve achieved great things and got really close to the competition’s quarterfinals. In the end we got tired and made mistakes which cost us.

The players as well as the fans need to put all this behind us and go on. People are disappointed, I know, I understand but we must go forward.”

Balazs Megyeri
“We were off to a good start, in the first half of the match. We scored and pressured our opponents. In the second half we gave Metalist some space on the pitch and they managed to score twice and advance to the next round of the competition.

Many things can happen during a football game. We know we are a good team, but unfortunately we were eliminated during the last 15 minutes of the match.

I don’t believe I will be able to sleep tonight. However, we need to focus on every game separately. Tomorrow is a new day. We will have to recover, go to OAKA and play as if nothing happened.”

Rafik Djebbour
“We faced a very good team, which likes offensive football. I missed out on a great opportunity in the first half and would like to take full responsibility for it.

Had I scored, the game might have turned out completely differently. It was in our hands and we didn’t appear strong enough to hold on to the result at home.

We made mistakes and lost the opportunity for a good campaign in Europe. What happened is very difficult for us to handle, as we literally had the qualification in hand and lost it.”

Regarding Sunday’s derby against Panathinaikos at the OAKA Stadium, Rafik said: “Our aim is to be champions so we will go there to win.”

Ariel Ibagaza
“We are all very upset. Everyone in the dressing rooms is extremely disappointed as we all thought we were going to win. After the 1-0 we missed out on many opportunities to score another goal and ultimately, in the second half, as the game turned out, the earth trembled under our feet.

The team needs to stay calm for the upcoming derby against Panathinaikos because we disappointed our fans and we should give them back their smiles come Sunday.”

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