O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
They are young and they are all Greeks!

They are young and they are all Greeks!

OLYMPIACOS F.C’s latest additions, Siovas, Vlachodimos, Yianniotis, Manolas, Tatos and Zaradoukas were unveiled earlier today at the “G. Karaiskakis” stadium.

On Thursday afternoon, at the Press Conference room of the club’s stadium “G. Karaiskakis”, Olympiacos F.C. presented to the Press its latest six acquisitions; they are all young and Greeks.

The club’s Vice President, Mr. Savvas Theodoridis as well as the company’s C.E.O., Mr. Yiannis Vrentzos sat next to Dimitris Siovas, Andreas Tatos, Yiannis Zaradoukas, Andreas Yianniotis, Panagiotis Vlachodimos and Kostas Manolas.

Mr. Kostas Karapapas, the club’s Dommunications Director, opened the presentation: “We would like to welcome everyone to the presentation of the new players of OLYMPIACOS. As you can see we have very young boys here with us today, who are considered as the “golden generation” of Greek players, whom you have all admired while playing on various Hellenic grounds. From now on, you shall see them play wearing the red and white stripes, at the Karaiskaki and all around Greece.”

On his part, Mr. Yiannis Vrentzos, stressed that: “This day is a very important one for us. Today we materialize one of our President’s toughest commitments; to turn our team all-native. These six players are all young Greeks and very talented footballers. We believe that they have everything it takes to be incorporated to the Men’s team and also become the Hellenic National side’s foundation. We musn’t forget that Olympiacos had six of its players on the National team play at the 2012 Euro, which concluded only a few days ago. On our part, we would like to invite the crowd to embrace those kids as well as our team as a whole, by purchasing a season ticket. This way they can actually show their love and support to their beloved team. I would also like to stress our next big goal which is none other than to have the next generation of Greek players who will join our team, come from our own Academy.”

Next, the players addressed the attendees.

Dimitris Siovas was the first to speak: “I would like to thank the administration of Olympiacos for believing in me and giving me this chance to play for the team. The crowd should embrace us young footballers as well as the club’s effort to add more native players to its roster. The team’s goals are more or less known to everybody. We want to win the Championship, the Hellenic Cup and make a good campaign in Europe, even better than last season’s.”

Next, it was Yiannis Zaradoukas’s turn to speak: “I would like to thank the family of Olympiacos, the administration and everyone on the team, who during my injury supported me a great deal. I would also like to ask the fans of Olympiacos to support us, to be close to us and show us their love and on our part, we promise that we will try our best to help the team accomplish its goals.”

Panagiotis Vlachodimos said: “This opportunity given to me is thanks to the administration and I would also like to thank them for it. I promise to do my best. Our team’s goals coincide with our own goals and through training and hard work we will try to contribute to the team and take it even higher.”

Kostas Manolas commented that: “This is a very good opportunity for me. I am ready to try my best and through training do for my team even more than what’s anticipated of me. I very well know that this is a team with high expectations, both from the club’s side as well as from the fans. All of us here will try our best for Olympiacos.”

“Playing for Olympiacos is a great honour for any Greek players”, said Andreas Tatos, who was next to address the attendees. “I will give this team and these fans all I have in me. It is common knowledge that things are very complicated when competing on such a high level and we want all the fans Olympiacos on our side in order to give us the boost we need in our effort to achieve our goals.”

Andreas Yianniotis was the last to speak: “I would also like to thank the administration for having believed in me and for still doing so. My teammates and I will do our very best on the pitch. However, in order for this to work, we will need all the support the team’s fans can give us.”

In response to a question regarding the public of Olympiacos, Yiannis Zaradoukas, said: “We will try to add the fourth star to our shirt. It takes time for good things to happen. What’s right is for everyone to understand that the reason we are all sitting here today is because we want to try for this team, to contribute to its effort to go higher. The best case scenario is to have our fans on our side, every step of the way.”

When asked about his impressions on the club, Kostas Manolas replied: “Everything is very well organised on all levels. Olympiacos has the elements of a great European club; things that can give a player the necessary boost to make him willing to work even harder in order to best contribute to his team.”

Concluding, the Vice President of OLYMPIACOS F.C., Mr. Savvas Theodoridis said: “First of all, I want to thanks all of you for everything you’ve done for Olympiacos. I want you to support these boys; these young Greeks players. In my opinion, all these footballers with us here today are the very best in their respective position and they shall show you their worth by getting all of our support.”

Then, Mr. Theodoridis handed the players their new shirts and explained to them that: “while wearing this honored shirt you should be able to feel the soul of the Champions. It’s the shirt of the greatest team in Greece; the shirt of Olympiacos; the shirt of the Champion of all Champions. We are here for you and I am sure you will do great. We believe in you!”

Following the presentation of the players, the young footballers stepped on the pitch and made pictures, holding their new team’s scarf, in front of the white seats that form the word “OLYMPIACOS F.C.” in the middle background tribune.”

Before leaving the grounds of the stadium, Vlachodimos, Siovas, Yianniotis and Zaradoukas paid a visit to the club’s official merchandise store, the “Red Store”, while Andreas Tatos and Kostas Manolas visited the room where the 2012/2013 season tickets are purchased and made pictures with the crowd.

To watch images from the player’s photoshoot click HERE.

To watch the video of the presentation clickHERE.

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