O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Words from the stars

Words from the stars

Read below the words of our players following the match against Dnipro.

Matthieu Dossevi:

“We tried hard during the entire match and, in the end, we were able in those two cases to achieve what we have been fighting for; I think that there is no foul committed in the one with Mitroglou, yet the goal was disallowed. However, we had no clear picture of what happened since we were on the pitch; I have thought the impression there was no violation there. This led to frustration in the end, because we fought hard, we also had that other chance, we even managed to score, yet the goal did not count”.

On the return match in “G. Karaiskakis”:

“We surely have the opportunity to turn things to our benefit in the return match. We have to score, we can do that, but we have to protect our defense at the same time. A clean sheet; this is our rationale, this is how we will make our comeback and qualify”.


“At the beginning of the match, we showed some skills, kept a good pace and created a few chances. It was our poor final assist or ball control that kept us away from scoring and taking the lead. Certainly, there are good things we can keep, but there have also been some negative ones we have to work on and fix. As for our side’s potential, we know we can be much better both in defense and offense, and in all aspects. What disappoints us is the fact that we were not that good tonight».

On the last-minute play;

“it would have been of major significance if the goal was not called off, since it would help us a lot in the return match. TalkingwithKostas(ie. Mitroglou) after the end of the match, he told me that (the referee) called for offensive foul, although there was hardly any contact if any. So, I don’t believe there was some violation the way I saw it; I still haven’t seen the replay but this was our impression after the match”.

On the return match:

“Even under these circumstances, given that he have made things more difficult for us with this 2-0 defeat, we must believe and we do believe that we can turn things around. We are good team, and as I said earlier, we will give everything we got and keep our faith”

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