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O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
20 days of help, 20 days of hope!

20 days of help, 20 days of hope!

For the 20th consecutive day, Olympiacos stands on the side of refugees offering them food and clothing. Hernani and Seba were present to assist in this “fight for life”.

20 days of compassion. 20 days of solidarity. 20 days of a fight for life; a fight waged also by Olympiacos, day in-day out at its port, that of Piraeus, standing next to those who suffer.

The Legend was there once again to support and offer relief to refugees. The Legend was there to give them courage and put across that there is hope for everyone, especially for people feeling so vulnerable like they do.

For the 20th day in a row Olympiacos was there, at the port gates. Mr. Vassilis Vassiliadis, head of this operation and Karaiskakis SA CEO, and all the Legend’s partners/volunteers have been accompanied by two more players.

Hernani and Seba, following Dominguez and Roberto, joined the ranks of this humanitarian squad and went next to the refugees. They took part for some time in food and other commodity distribution (at the Ε1 Perikleous Passenger Station).

Commenting on this experience by the refugees and Olympiacos’ initiatives, Hernani said: “What takes place here is very important. Olympiacos is really standing by these people and children who are in grave need. It is very important that Olympiacos is here, and this is the 20th consecutive day of our presence. It is truly remarkable. It is obviously difficult to solve this problem because it is too hard to offer help to all those who need it. Of course, the help provided by Olympiacos is big and we try to help as many people as possible. My message is the following: the more people who can help, the better. Things here are really tough and every contribution is most welcome”.

Seba, deeply moved by the suffering of refugees and proud of the Club he belongs and its initiative, stressed the following: “Conditions here are very difficult. I have witnessed a really bad situation. I am happy that, even for a little while, I was able to help and offer moments of joy to these people. I have seen children smiling even a little. It is important to help these people in need as much as we can. Personally, I have the following message to send: I am proud of for what Olympiacos is doing here. It is a dire situation and we help as much as we can. No doubt, this is a very important initiative taken by the President of Olympiacos, Mr. Vaggelis Marinakis. He always helps anyone who needs his help. Be it a foreigner, or a Greek, he is always standing by the people in need. I am really happy for being here to help, as well”.

Today, Olympiacos distributed in total some 3,150 portions of food prepared at the “G. Karaiskakis” kitchens and 2,500 clothing items, amongst which sweatpants, sweaters, wind jackets, towels, beanies etc. Of course, young refugees had their own gifts as well, including toys and lots of footballs to take their minds off in these long hours.

Olympiacos has distributed (to date) more than 60,000 portions of food and approximately two times more clothing items. It is certain that the Legend’s charity work will not stop; at least not before some ray of hope for the future shines for these people to be found in our country and the port of Piraeus. The decision was taken to distribute at least 500,000 portions of food to refugees who find at last a helping hand stretched towards them; a hand ready to offer compassion, not to take something of them…

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