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“We provide a chance for a proper healthcare and a better life”!

“We provide a chance for a proper healthcare and a better life”!

For the 4th consecutive year, Olympiacos attends the UNICEF annual awards.

On the eve of 2017, a significant part of global population still suffers. Basic necessities are considered a luxury for some. Children, of the most vulnerable population groups, is no exception to that; they fall under this generic rule of suffering, since, unhappily, they are deprived of almost everything. Approximately six (6) million children die every year because of conditions that may be anticipated. Luckily, for these children there are Clubs likeOlympiacos. No way would theLegendof Greek football stay indifferent before this situation. So, the club, following its multi-annual partnership with UNICEF, does its best to reduce this tragic figure above.

OnMondayafternoon (21/11), “Stoa tou Vivliou” (The Book’s Arcade) in Athens got filled with kids’ laughter. Just one day after theUniversal Children’s’ Day, the Olympiacos family attended that established event forUNICEF annual awards. Our players,Omar EllabdellaouiandTarik Elyonoussi, produced lots of smiling faces since they got their photos with children from across country and took part inUNICEF’s competition always welcoming all photo and singing opportunities.

On the occasion of theUniversal Children’s’ Day,the “UNICEF Awards 2016”had something in particular since they were conferred to prominent figures and organizations in our country that promote children’s rights. Also, awards were given to schools that excelled in the educational project on children’s rights organized together with the Ministry of Education.

The“Labros Kanellopoulos” UNICEF Award 2016was conferred to Muhammad Muhammad, aged 13, who is so hunger for knowledge, speaks 6 languages and has been volunteering as an interpreter in the Elaionas accommodation site- where he also lives with his family. A UNICEF Award 2016 was also conferred to out Olympic medal winner Lefteris Petrounias for his ethical stance and efforts to promote Fair Play and the Olympic Ideal, being himself a role model for children and youngsters in Greece and abroad. The Special “Nikos Analitis” Awards was handed out to the 4th Grade pupils of two-class Elementary School in Psari Forada, Heraklion, Crete, by Alexandra Palli, Bod Secretary of the Hellenic Network for Corporate Social Responsibility. Other Kindergartens and Elementary Schools were also awarded for their production of relevant posters, books, fairy tales and newspapers.

After the event,Omar Elabdellaoui said: “I am really happy and honored to attend this event dedicated to the Universal Children’s Day. We met some amazing and talented young kids, and behalf of all my teammates in Olympiacos, I would like to wish to them the best for their lives. Children must always believe in their potential and talents. They should never stop dreaming big and I am sure that we will see great achievements by them in the future”.

Tarik Elyonoussi, for his part, mentioned:“It gives me great pleasure to take part in this celebration and represent my team, Olympiacos, in this special UNICEF event dedicated to children’s rights. As you know, Olympiacos and UNICEF, over the past years, have developed a strong tie and help together in vaccinating millions of children around the world. We are all proud of that and we will continue doing the best we can to help children in need, so that they can fulfil their own dreams”.

Mrs Veruska Georganti, Head of the Olympiacos FC-UNICEF partnership, underlined:“It is a great pleasure and honor that, for the 4th consecutive year, we attend the UNICEF annual awards in order to celebrate and honor the Universal Children’s Day. There is nothing sweeter and more optimistic than to see happy children showcasing their work and sending their own message of love and optimism on behalf of all children in our country. As you know, Olympiacos, urged by our President Mr Vaggelis Marinakis, has launched a really close partnership with UNICEF, that has been unfolding in the last four (4) years, in the context of UNICEF 100% Campaign for world vaccination of children. We have already provided vaccination for 1,5 m. kids and we promise that, this year also, we will do everything we can to maintain this significant effort and give them all an opportunity for proper healthcare and a better life”.

Olympiacos FC was also represented by attending Communications Director,Mr Kostas Karapapas.

– At a global scale, in the vicinity of 250 m. Children live in regions afflicted by conflicts. Approximately 50 m. Children have been uprooted – 28 millions of whom were displaced because of conflicts. Children live under siege in Syria, Iraq and N. Nigeria and run an even greater risk of violation of their fundamental rights, given also that their homes, schools and hospitals are under attack. .

– Almost 385 m. Children live in extreme poverty more than a quarter of a billion of school-age children do not attend school.

– Close to 300 m. Children live in the most highly air-polluted areas – six or more times higher than what international standards and guidelines suggest.

UNICEF celebrates its 70th anniversary of its work in order to provide children of the world with life-saving help, long-term support and hope at times when their life and future is under the threat of conflicts, crisis, poverty, inequality and discriminations.

Benefits for children in recent decades have been important, such as:

– There is on-going progress in the areas of children healthcare and survival rates that led to half children deaths below 5 years in 2015 compared to 1990.

– Thanks to international efforts –led by UNICEF- to fight malnutrition and hunger, in 2015 rates of undernourishment amongst children under-5 has been reduced by 41% compared to 1990.

– In 2014, 83 m. more children go to school (elementary and junior high) compared to 1999.

– Particularly in the past decade, UNICEF has heavily augmented its actions for children in danger, produced by man-made crises or not. Only for 2015, access to formal and informal education has been given to 7.5 m. Children in the age of 3-18 who experience the consequences of crisis around the world. Moreover, in 2015, 45 out of 70 m. people to whom UNICEF provided support in terms of water provision, hygiene and sewage infrastructures, they have been living in crisis-struck households.

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