O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Pre-match Press Conference against Young Boys

Pre-match Press Conference against Young Boys

Please read below quotes from our club’s head coach, Mr Paulo Bento, and Tarik Elyonoussi one day before our side’s match against Young Boys.

Paulo Bento

-Are you concerned by the fact it’s been 18 days since Olympiacos last official fixture?

“No, I don’t think we can be affected by that. My job is to find solutions in problems that may arise. Our job was to prep the team in the best possible way for this match; our objective in this tournament is to qualify. We want to win tomorrow in order to qualify and claim our group’s top place, which is equally important to us. We do not think of things beyond our control and I don’t think this is the right time to discuss them”.

-Do you think that suspending the championship is the solution for any problem that may arise?

“With all due respect, I believe we will have the opportunity to talk about this issue once the league is resumed. Currently, we have our minds set on our European match. I don’t believe it’s worth losing our focus on such an important international fixture. When we have a talk about the Greek championship, then I will let you know of my thoughts on that issue”.

-What’s the key for Olympiacos to claim the 3 points in tomorrow’s match?

“I believe that its outcome will depend on the players’ will and drive. Both sides will be offensive-minded because we both need to win. I believe they will give us a hard time as it was the case in our first encounter. It will be a match that calls for adequate focus and composure on behalf of our side and fans. It will be a difficult one and we are to play against a team that will make it no easier for us. We want to be more aggressive and effective”.

-A draw is enough for Olympiacos to secure its qualification, but is it also a trap for the players?

“We don’t think that way we have a clear way ahead and players do know what it is. We all know that our priority is to win and that we will strive to. We will go after the 3 points in order to secure our qualification and keep our hopes alive for top place. We have nothing else in our mind”.

Tarik Elyonoussi:

-To what extent are the players concerned by the fact you haven’t played an official match for so long?

“No, I don’t think this is the case. Of course, when one hasn’t played an official fixture for a long time, this may upset the team’s rhythm. What one has then to do is to train hard and well enough. This is what we have done; we have trained well and at a very high pace. When such things happen, there are not many things one can do but to train well”.

-Is tomorrow’s match kind of a final for Olympiacos?

“We still have two matches to play in the group. But tomorrow we will have a chance to secure our qualification at home, before our fans. For us, it is important to show we can do it. We are confident we can do it”.

-Is this the best period in your career?

“It depends. In terms of fitness and the minutes I get to play, I can say that this is the best period for me. What is important is to take care of oneself in order to avoid any injuries, because things in football may change in a split second. I have a group of amazing teammates and, together with them, I can achieve many things. I feel confident I can make it”.

-What qualities of Young Boys have impressed you?

“I believe they have a good team, a strong outfit with quality players. I know some of them very well, I know Sulejmani well from our spell in the Dutch league. It’s a team that may create problems to us and they have already done so in our first encounter. We have outmost respect for Young Boys. However, we have to be mindful of our own side and the things we can deliver”.

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