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O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Quotes by Mr. Vouzas

Quotes by Mr. Vouzas

Read bellow quotes by our side’s coach after the end of the match against Besiktas.

As you stated, up till that moment we didn’t suffer any dangerous situations from our opponent. In tactical terms, we were very well organized, we had a very correct approach and we didn’t let Besiktas create, even though you watched on the second half that they are a team which frequently uses the ball possession to disorganize their opponent. I think that tactically we played very well until the equalizer. We got self-confidence from our goal. In the moment we conceded the goal, it affected very much our concentration and self-confidence. Sure our opponent took more initiatives and became more offensive using the ball possession, their fine team play and the varied offensive game”.

On Cambiasso:His presence was positive and not only because of the goal he scored, but generally from how he functioned inside the team. He’s a very experienced player, an excellent professional and his performance for 70 minutes proves what I just stated, that he can comply in a very demanding match and that he always tried to be in his best shape, although he didn’t play many minutes”.

If Olympiacos was betrayed by itself:If we don’t consider the mistake that led to the 1-1, I think the team’s image and generally the presence of the players and their effort justify what we believed. This team can play well and have a correct defensive and offensive performance against good teams like Besiktas. I’m quite satisfied from the players’ effort. I think they pulled out a reaction and played in this competitive level with ambition. Also, we didn’t show that our team is in any way inferior from its opponent at no point during the match”.

If Olympiacos could win the match had the team played more offensively: If we consider our opponent’s pressure, surely we should have done something more in the offensive performance. I’ve been in the team for a very short period, I can’t do anything about that. However, I think we had good ball possession, we developed our game purposefully, regardless if the final decision wasn’t the appropriate one so as to achieve the final attempt. Everything is possible, there are the player’s skills and, through work and tactical approach, we might see better initiatives from our players”.

On Leali: “Apart from the mistake, his performance was good. Sure we have to handle it correctly. The question is that at this competitive level, the slightest mistake, especially in front of our goal in the middle has a high cost”.

If after the 1-1 Besiktas is ahead:Given a tie, I would prefer without conceding goals. Sure Besiktas is ahead, but it’s also certain that they will have more anxiety since they’ll have to score. They know that in front of their fans they’ll want to play with initiative and to create opportunities and goals. We’ll see how we’ll handle that match. Today we proved that we belong to the elite of the European football. We played a good match against an opponent with a three times bigger budget and other capacities”.

On which are the team’s capacities: I believe in both the team’s and the players’ capacities. I consider that we have to utilize all the players. We watched Cambiasso having a very good performance. Some other players might do the same. I believe that, through work and if some players find their self-confidence, our objective is to be involved in the three goals we can pursue and, at the same time, to improve the team’s scheme and image inside the pitch, playing an attractive football. In Olympiacos, it’s implied that we play for having the control of the match and to present an attractive football, which pleases our fans. I have to thank them for the adequate and big support. We’ll try to compensate them with good football and fulfilling our goals”.

On what would be the third substitution, if there wasn’t for Botia’s problem: Botia’s substitution wasn’t planned and changed a lot the approach we would have for the remaining of the match. However, these things happen. Many players are aching because they have played many matches without the adequate rotation. We had planned in a way but something else happened. I think that maybe nothing would change since the mistake had been made in the type of the game. Maybe we would be more competitive in the last minutes. We were always going after the ball, we were trying to close the passages and this demands more players”.

On the coach’s feelings on his first match:I’m very happy. I have to thank our fans for their support, as I mentioned before. However, we have to think about the next match. We don’t have the margin. We’re in a difficult period in which we have to manage the consecutive matches and the fatigue. From now on, whoever feels happy and any celebrations have to stop. We have to focus on the existing problems concerning Atromitos. My presence in the first match was positive and I hope we do even better in the remaining ones”.

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