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«Be Active»

«Be Active»

For the third year in a row, Olympiacos FC, is happy to announce its participation in European Commission’s European Week of Sport as a proud sponsor.

This very important initiative, that takes place between the 23rd and the 30th of September sets the promotion of Sporting Activity in Europe, as its prime goal.

In fact, Sport plays an important role in the everyday lives of millions of Europeans in terms of personal, social and economic terms. According to the European Commission, approximately 7,4 million people are employed by the Sport Industry while the economic impact of the Sporting Activity in terms of GDP reaches the staggering amount of 294 billion p/a. Tourism, Fitness, Media and Education industries are the ones benefitting the most.

However, only 41% of the European population engages in a sporting activity at least once per week, with the remaining 59% is not reaching this simple goal. Those figures set the bar high in terms of our commitment and determination to reach a much better result in the years to come.

The incentives are extremely important. Europeans while answering to the question “why do you do sports?” rank ordered first with a 62% score the answer “because it is good for my health”, 40% because it improves fitness, 36% because it is relaxing and 30% because it is fun!!

On the other hand when asked for the reasons why not engaging in a sporting activity, lack of time scored 42%, lack of motivation or interest scored 20%, a disability or illness reached 13% and 10% was the score for the non ability to bear the cost of it.

The European Week of Sport aims at activating as many of our fellow European Citizens. Getting active doesn’t necessarily mean to register your self in a sport club or a gym. Leaving your car at home and using the public Transport to go to work or deciding to take a nice walk in the park instead of watching TV a few times is actually a step to activation.

So #BEACTIVE, do yourself a favor…

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