O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Pre-match Press Conference against Juventus

Pre-match Press Conference against Juventus

Please read below quotes from our club’s head coach, Mr Takis Lemonis, and Felipe Pardo ahead of our side’s match against Juventus.

Takis Lemonis:

-What is he going to tell his players before tomorrow’s fixture, given it is a match of no importance: Our place is a bit strange, but there are many things to weigh. One is our club’s prestige, another is the points our country needs to get a better UEFA ranking. We also have the championship in mind, because it is via this title that we will make it to next year’s UEFA Champions League. It’s a bit weird but we are all strongly motivated in such matches. I am not worried of having no drive foe the match. We will step in to claim what we want in the best possible way”.

-Have you seen last Juventus match against Napoli: Yes, I did. I will comment on something I saw before kick-off while discussing with my staff. We love the way Napoli plays; but we knew that Juventus is a club of great magnitude and this matters in such fixtures. This is Juventus, they can beat anyone in Europe. We certainly saw many things on the pitch which will be different tomorrow with respect to their formation”.

-How do you expect Juventus to play tomorrow and what’s their most dangerous player? I can tell you a dozen of players I’s rather they don’t cap tomorrow (laughter). I am kidding, of course. I don’t think we can distinguish a certain Juventus player. They have a great team. We expect Juventus to attack in order to secure qualification to the next round. I don’t think they will rely on the other match’s result. We expect Juventus to be on the driver’s seat tomorrow. As per our behavior, we will not change many things compared to our previous UEFA Champions League matches against Juventus and Barcelona”.

-Have you made up your mind on your formation:I believe we will display something different tomorrow, but I’d like not to elaborate more on that. What matters for me is the philosophy and style of play we will put on tomorrow”.

-Do you intend to rotate players ahead of your championship match against Panetolikos: I said before that we have to weigh more things, such as the championship. It is via the championship title that we will participate in next year’s edition of the UEFA Champions League. I am definitely thinking of it that way”.

-Omn Odjidja and Emenike:Odjidja is fine and might play. Things are a bit difficult for Emenike. He trained only a couple of times with the squad, he has been off for a long while. We will see after today’s training”.

-Do you have plans to take Juventus by surprise: We will try to; we did something of this sort against Barcelona in our home match, but we used different players”.

Felipe Pardo:

-Do you aspire to score tomorrow as well, following your goals against Sporting: It is true I am very happy to have scored a brace in that match; both goals have assisted my team a lot. It made me really happy to have helped the team. Currently, my aspiration is to play and, more than that, for us to put on a flawless performance, to prove we can play well against Juventus and get a positive result. We know that the UEFA Champions League is a top tournament and we have to close this year’s campaign in the best possible way”.

-What was the reason Olympiacos will not continue their European spell after 11 years: It is true that any Olympiacos match is important although we are already disqualified. There is no single UEFA Champions League match that is of no interest. We want to earn these 3 points and end our spell in style. We failed to collect many points at the beginning when we should. We aspired to collect as many points as possible but we failed. At any rate, we are where we at and we want to get these 3 points before the eyes of our supporters and that way to conclude our European journey».

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