O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Quotes by the stars

Quotes by the stars

Read the quotes by our players following the match against Luzern.

Miguel Ángel Guerrero

On the good work in the team’s preparation: “I was watching how the team worked every day. It worked really well and hard. I noticed we would be ready to have a good team when we would have to start playing in front of our supporters, in a very beautiful stadium”.

On the atmosphere in his first official match: “I was really looking forward, just like all the players, to play an official match in our stadium. Today it was fantastic, the atmosphere was really intense. I’m really happy to have experienced this moment, but most of all for the victory”.

On today’s match: “We entered the pitch very strong. We were pressing really hard. The team had great will and was looking forward for this match and it showed this from the very first minute. We scored a very beautiful goal and from that moment on the team showed it can control the match and be dominant. This is how this absolutely fair win happened”.

On the fact he is already integrated in the team’s ideas: “That’s because of the team, my team mates, everyone. Everybody has welcomed me in the best possible way. My family is really happy living in this city. All these things play a very important role. When a player feels so good, that’s very positive for his work”.

Mady Camara

On his performance: “I feel really well. We made an excellent work and that’s how we’ll continue”.

On how he experienced the match: “I’m very happy we were effective and we achieved the victory on a very important match, in front of our supporters. We’re on a very good path but we’re still in the beginning. We have lots of work ahead of us”.

On how he managed to adapt so quickly: “When you arrive on such a big club like Olympiacos, it’s very easy to adapt because you feel how good the team is and how organized the club is. This makes our work much easier. I’ll continue working hard to help the team even more”.

On how he experienced his first official match in Karaiskakis Stadium: “It was a very good match on our side, the supporters were fantastic and they really helped us a lot”.

Lazaros Christodoulopoulos

On Olympiacos’ beautiful performance: “It’s still very early. The legs feel heavy. I had said that Olympiacos will play good football because I believe it. Our goal is what we did today to happen in all matches, because that’s what the club deserves. For starters, I’m very happy to have been proven right. This doesn’t mean anything. Our road will be a difficult one”.

On the fact he scored his first official goal in Karaiskakis Stadium: “I was really longing for it, especially on the second goal, which gave a larger advantage. My feelings were really intense”.

On his celebration: “It’s not something special. It’s just feeling happy. I was really longing for it”.

If he dedicates them to someone: “To my daughter, who is always telling me to score. They also go out to two people that were here today. They know who they are”.

On the fact they started with full speed: “This is what we try to transmit during the preparation. The supporters will really like Olympiacos. This club has many demands. Today we took a step forward and we are more confident for the future. Our goal is for us to enter every match with full speed. If we achieve it, the fans will love it. And so will we”.

On the coach’s belief that Olympiacos would be ready: “He works a lot. He doesn’t change the plan a bit. He’s sure about his options. All this week he analysed very well the match. He explained us what he wants, we do it and this combination brought us the win”.

On what team he wants to face in the playoffs: “I want to see this Olympiacos and, playing this way, the chances that we qualify are very big”.

On the improvement of Olympiacos’ image from Holland until today: “Our goal is that we might maintain the intensity our team had today in great periods during the matches. The stronger the team gets, the better it will be. Furthermore, we also have players with personality and some experience. We want to enter in the Europa League, and to have all the young players in the team helping as much as possible. If we have this mentality, everything will go well”.

On the fact it’s the first time he scores two goals in a European match and if he could score more: “No, I didn’t get in another opportunity. I wish I had. But Guerrero scored two more, it makes four in total, and that’s what counts”.

On his daughter: “The red-and-white really looks good on her. It’s very important for her to be close to her father and to be close to sports. Her mother was also an athlete. I try to keep my family close to me. They give me a lot of strength”.

On what she tells him before he leaves the house: “To score! And now she tells me to make the celebration with the heart, because the heart is red”.

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