O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Press Conference ahead of the match vs Burnley FC

Press Conference ahead of the match vs Burnley FC

Read below words by our side’s coach, Mr. Pedro Martins, and Omar Elabdellaoui one day before our side’s fixture against Burnley FC.

Pedro Martins

Your reaction to Mr Dyche’s comments that Olympiacos is the favorite team: “I don’t accept that; we all know how good a side Burnley may be at home. They finished 7th in last season’s PL. We want to be competitive and keep the same fighting spirit. We have an advantage but Burnley will try to overturn the first leg deficit and we have to be very cautious. We have to be well organized, maintain a good pace and qualify against a really good side that can be really dangerous on the attack“.

How do you think Burnley will play: “The first-leg result is by no means a guarantee; Burnley will not change the way they play. Like in our home match’s last 10 minutes of the first half, they will try to create troubles for us from the very first minute. They are really strong in attack and we have to stay true to our style of play and philosophy”.

On Yaya Toure: “This is question is purely academic because we have to focus on the players available. I am really satisfied with our roster, it is complete and has helped us a lot. It has brought us here. I am happy with their work and improvement accomplished. We have players who could play in England. They are players of quality and a side that stands united, strong and works well. I am quite satisfied with the guys’ effort, we have strong bonds amongst them and they represent a strong team. We haven’t won anything yet, but the side has what it takes to move forward. I want to say nothing about players who have not yet joined the team”.

On the fans at the stands: “It is apparent that the fans are pleased with our side’s work and support us. We want to perform well and make them happy. For many, it was difficult to come here. A good result and our qualification is really important for us and the fans. It is always important to have the fans’ support because they are our source of power “.

Omar Elabdellaoui

How does he expect tomorrow’s match to develop: “I know English football, it will a tough match. We have earned a good result [in the first leg], yet we have to be very careful because it’s going to be dangerous”.

Whether he accepts being called the “favorite”: “No. we all know that it’s a two-leg thing and we are only through the first one. We will have to be even better than in the first match”.

On whether Olympiacos must concentrate more on attacking or defending: “We have to play our game and be very careful. We have to have a good performance to have an advantage. it depends on us how the game will evolve. We will have to stay focused and do our job right”.

How do you expect Burnley to perform tomorrow:Every match has its own life, as we say. You cannot change the style of play over a week. We know Burnley, their game cannot be changed completely, and we know them as a team”.

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