O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Quotes by the stars

Quotes by the stars

Read all the quotes by our players following the match against Betis.

Ahmed Hassan

On the match: “Betis had the ball possession as you mentioned. However, they didn’t manage to threaten us with very dangerous attempts. We had dangerous situations and we could have decided the match. It was a match that Betis had ball possession. We didn’t manage to do something better. Today, no team managed to score. We can say it wasn’t the best game, but we have to concentrate on the next matches”.

On how the match developed: “Each match is different. The best thing to do is to make the most of every chance we have and turn them into goals. We didn’t manage to do that. It was a difficult match against a very strong opponent. We fought a lot. The fans kept supporting us and tried to push us into achieving something good. The last minutes were hard because we had ten players. There were some decisions from the referee that had influence on the match. However, we have to forget all this tonight. We must concentrate on the following matches”.

On whether the chances to qualify have changed: «No! It was just the first match. There are 5 more left. We have a long road ahead of us. On every match our goal is to win the tree points. So, we’re going to concentrate on the following matches. We’ll make the best we can so as to win the next matches and to qualify”.

Omar Elabdellaoui

On how he “saw” the match: “The match is over now and I think that this point we got was very good, considering how the match went”.

On Betis: “Betis was a very strong opponent that had possession and good control of the ball. Nonetheless, we, on our side, were not cautious. We would win the ball and give it away very easily. We didn’t have the initiative as we usually do. However, we also had our chances and we could have taken advantage of them in a better way. The ball possession, however, was theirs and they attacked more. Sure, none of their attacks was very dangerous. However, the way the match went, it was due to the opponent’s quality and the fact that we didn’t keep the ball as we wanted”.

On whether this result changes something: “Even though we wanted to win this match because it was a home match, and in your stadium you must get points, the way the match went, we think it went well. We continue as a team in the following matches in our group”.

Andreas Gianniotis

On how he experienced the match: “We had more clear chances. Betis is a very good team. They showed it again tonight with the ball possession they had. It’s the characteristic of their game. We tried to control them as much as possible. The last 20 minutes were difficult also due to the red card. However, I believe we could have scored”.

On the bond between the team and the fans: “The fans give us a big boost when we enter Karaiskakis. They’re very passionate with us. We thank them for that. We, on our side, will continue to make everything to make them happy”.

On the difficult matches that await the team: “It’s a decisive period the one that follows and we’re prepared. We have worked very hard. We have a big roster. I believe we’ll make it”.

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