O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Quotes by the stars

Quotes by the stars

Read all the quotes by our players following the match against AC Milan, for the UEFA Europa League MD 2.

Leonardo Koutris:

I think we did a great game for 70 minutes. We knew from the beginning that we were facing a huge team. We managed to score early. From then on, we controlled the match, we faced no danger, AC Milan had only some small opportunities. During a moment of passivity of the whole team, Milan got the equalizer. Then, instead of keeping the ball a little and taking the pace down a bit, we conceded a quick goal that somehow cut us out. Afterwards, the third goal came and ended everything”.

Vasilis Torosidis:

“For 70 minutes we played well, considering our level of experience, since it was the first time for this line-up. Particularly in such a hard match as this one was against AC Milan. I believe that after the goal we corresponded very well. At some moments we even had ball possession. Certainly these 9 minutes cost us, because AC Milan is a big team and played today with at least 8 players from their usual line-up. This is no excuse. Surely a defeat affects us. It’s bad not to be affected by a defeat, but we look ahead. We have a game on Sunday. It’s a derby that we must win”.


We started the match very well. We scored a nice goal. We managed to keep the result for 70 minutes, but the truth is that, from then on, we lost our concentration. Against a big team such as AC Milan, this can’t happen. However, now it’s over. We have to concentrate, there’s a derby with AEK approaching. We have to move on”.



On the reasons why Olympiacos lost his concentration for ten minutes, ending up losing 3-1: We scored a very beautiful goal and managed, with a very good game and with excellent control, to keep the lead for 70 minutes. We did a very good job in defence and attack, but the lack of concentration for ten minutes from the 70th minute on cost us the win”.

Whether Olympiacos on the following two matches against Dudelange must definitely win so as to continue on the path towards the qualification: We played well against Betis, we made a very good match today against AC Milan, regardless of the result. However, in a stadium like San Siro you must be focused on the whole 90 minutes of the match. We didn’t manage to do that, we lost our concentration, therefore we lost the match, but we have hopes and aspirations to go through”.

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