O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Quotes by Mr Evangelos Marinakis

Quotes by Mr Evangelos Marinakis

Read below quotes by Olympiacos leader Mr Evangelos Marinakis after the end of our side’s match against Panathinaikos.

In detail:

“These past 10 years just flew so quickly; they were tough years. Of course, many matches offered us great joy. Olympiacos reached its highest ever standing in Europe and is being treated like a top European club. This has been a dream of mine since day 1 and I had said that all I wanted to see was our Olympiacos to play a starring role in Europe while becoming self-sufficient and in need of no one.

Although our country has been dearly challenged by an unprecedented crisis in the past 10 years, I believe we delivered the best possible, especially if one takes account of the difficulties we met.

I believe we will still be here in the years to come to do what we have learnt to: playing a starring role both in Greece and Europe”.

On the tie against Wolves and the dream of a European title:

“After we overcome Wolves, the path will be open and this team will do great. In Karaiskakis, we did see that we could have won and with a big lead. Our players now know they can make it; this is not something extraordinary we are talking about. They saw they could do it. After we knock Wolves out, here will be only 3 matches left. I am optimistic and our entire team shares this optimism. So, we keep on dreaming”.

On the match against Panathinaikos:

“The Panathinaikos tie is a derby and we always have to be serious about it. Because in the past, we would lose to Panathinaikos at home following a great away victory, like or 2-0 win over Manchester United. το 2-0. So, we have to face them with all due seriousness and be there to win. Many Olympiacos fans want to see Olympiacos beating Panathinaikos; that’s how I grew up and this gives me great pleasure. So, it was a match we really wanted to win and we delivered.

On the Greek Cup’s semi-final against PAOK behind closed doors:

“If behind doors will be the case, I believe it will really unfair. We see what goes on in restaurants, bars and all other places we see big crowds, no more words needed on that… So, I consider it right to allow for people to fill the stands and our home ground’ suites. I believe that the problem should be solved by tomorrow. Olympiacos should be composed, serious about the tie, win the match and make it to the final; our goal is also to win the Cup”.

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