O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Pre-match press conference by Martins and Cisse

Pre-match press conference by Martins and Cisse

Below follows transcript of words by Mr Pedro Martins and Pape Cissé at the press conference ahead of the Wolves vs Olympiacos match in the UK.

Words of Martins in detail:

Olympiacos is motivated to qualify against Wolves. Will this play a role? : “Our side is strongly motivated for tomorrow and well prepared. I am quite satisfied and happy with the things I saw over the past week. I saw a strong team looking forward to this important match. We know very well the importance of the tie for the club’s history and the players themselves, and their career. So, we are more than ready and in top form. We have worked a lot to make it so far and, tomorrow, we have an opportunity to go even farther”.

How different will the teams be in comparison with the first leg: “I don’t think we will see many things different to the first leg. In the past 3 years, Wolves has developed a steady style of play, we know very well how they play and what to expect tomorrow. So does their coach; he knows Olympiacos very well, so I do not think we are to wait for any surprises. Certainly, each team will have its own strategy. We have a plan for tomorrow that we will apply the best way we can to win”.

It was one year ago that Olympiacos beat Turkish champion Basaksehir. This season is still on and the new one is about to start. The pandemic lead to an unprecedented situation; is this stressful for you?

“I don’t like to complain, but to find solutions for our problems, so we stick to our plan as scheduled. We are still on this season; the pandemic affected us and everybody else, in both football and many other fields. So, this is the case for us also. Good thing for us is that, despite the fatigue following this situation, what I see is a motivated team filled with desire and drive to move forward. We labored to make it so far and the squad is ready to achieve something even more beautiful. What was most alarming was these 2 months we spent locked in our houses without doing the thing we love. At least, we are here now and we can play football, even with certain limitations”.

Bobby Allain is to play a European tie for the first time. Have you spoken to him? What state is he in?

“He is great; Bobby is a great athlete and know this process very well. Along with Tzolakis, they forced Sá to work hard and perform the way we saw during this season. He is ready, well focused and it’s up to him to meet the requirements of this match”.

Wolves home record this year in European ties is 6 wins and 1 defeat to Braga in a match they did not deserve to lose. What is the main element that Olympiacos must display tomorrow on the pitch?

“The entire world is aware of Wolves’ fine run this season; probably they hold the best home record in this competition.  They have quality, play high-class football and are clinical on the pitch. However, we are Olympiacos. We have a very good side and our rivals saw that in the first leg at Karaiskakis stadium. We expect an exciting encounter. All teams still in the tournament have had great home results. Any of these teams may qualify and we are one of them”.

In all previous occasions that Olympiacos had made it so far in Europe, the team had not played so many matches. Tomorrow’s will be match #16. Do you get credit for this huge success?

“I have said that a million times that Olympiacos has had an amazing run in Europe and has restored its fame in European tournaments. The club is considered a top one. We have registered a great run win impressive results against top adversaries. We have restored our name and made our fans proud for our side in Europe. Olympiacos’ impressive fame in Europe has been our major achievement“.

Words of Cissé in detail:

What does your team have to do on the pitch to qualify?:We have to give all we got and do everything in our powers. We fought hard to make to this point. We have to do everything to qualify.”

You have scored in some important matches in Europe, like the one against Arsenal. Do you have a goal in stock for tomorrow?

“Yes, why not? If this means helping my team to win, I would love that. However, the most important thing is to qualify and if I am the one to score, even better!”

On the appearance of Bobby Allain at the goal: “Bobby is a top professional and athlete. He is well prepared and talked with both the coach and the goalkeepers’ trainer. Including Sá, we have all wished him to play an amazing match tomorrow. The most important thing is for the team to qualify; in order for this to happen, it will take both Bobby and the entire squad to play well”.

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