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O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Martins, Masouras Post-match Presser

Martins, Masouras Post-match Presser

Read below words by Pedro Martins and George Masouras at the Marseille post-match press conference.

Quotes by Pedro Martins in detail:

On Camara’s absence and the match against Marseille: “I think it was a difficult and quite balanced encounter. Both sides played very offensively. I think we proved we were better and deserved to win. We missed Mady but we responded well to the changed formation. We covered the gap, scored a goal from the side our substitutes were playing and outperformed them. When we are fine with playing in three diverse formations, no matter who is missing, no matter how important an absence, like Mady’s, might be, we may adapt. We have worked a lot on three formations. We did not play in counter-attack, but opted for transitional play, i.e. moving from defense to offense. We do not go for counter-attacking. We kept ball possession and created chances».

On whether he talked with Villas-Boas: “No, we didn’t discuss after the match. We did not have the chance; we did however before kick-off. I have great respect for Villas Boas. We did not talk about something important”.

On the boost, this win gives and the patience-driven play: “Apparently, it is very important that we won. It is important for a side to start gathering points already from MD1 in this mini championship. It is important to win the opening match; this affects the teams’ mindset. Today, Olympiacos have made their fans proud and happy. I think that if there is no doubt now, if any, that Olympiacos is the main candidate to qualify to the next round. There are no easy matches; this is why he have to insist until the end. At this level, the side that is better prepared and properly manages details wins matches. I think that no team will have an easy go against Olympiacos and he have to persist”.

On to what extent absence of fans affected his side’s persistence: “I do not think that Marseille came here to draw; they were after to win. We had to take risks in the last minutes in what was an open match. Luckily, we won the match. We claimed it more intensely until the end. I think that absence of our fans was evident. If we had, the night would be very special. However, we fully comprehend the decisions taken, yet we did miss them. We do everything to make our fans happy”.

On Valbuena: “No, we are not impressed by Mathieu because we always expect the best from him. He is a top player and words are not enough to describe that”.

Quotes by George Masouras in detail:

On the win and his cancelled goal: It is important that we won. It fills us with optimism. This also had to do with the very moment we scored, it made us more passionate. When one of his goals cancelled, one is not happy and it feels like a cold shower. Yet, we won and looking forward to the future”

On their good start: “We all knew after the draw that the group’s strongest team will end first, in theory; that we, the others, would fight for the second position or worse. Everything is possible. Nothing is finished. Marseille may beat us at their home exactly the way we won tonight. There are too many matches to play, but in the end I believe we will reach our target”.

On Valbuena: “Apparently, we see Mathiueu since last year turning into a lion when setting foot in the pitch. He is our role model. When you see this lad who have won everything and he still feels safe to enter the pitch as if he had not won a thing, then we have to do nothing else but to give 100%. We are so lucky to have him”.

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