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O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Quotes by Martins and Camara

Quotes by Martins and Camara

Pedro Martins and Mady Camara spoke on the press conference before the match against the Citizens in Manchester.

Read the quotes of Olympiacos’ coach in detail:

Olympiacos faces a challenge for the third time in a year in England. Is he ready to excel? Are you optimistic?

“We’re really getting used to these matches. We think that against Wolves we had a great opportunity to do something good and qualify for the next round and I hope we’ll continue this trend tomorrow against City”.

What differences are you expecting to see from the players compared to the match against Porto?

“These are completely different matches. City is the strongest team in the group. With Porto we had many opportunities, many corners and fouls. However, we also made some mistakes that we paid for and we must avoid them now. We have to be more careful against City”.

We know that you’ll not tell us the lineup. Will you tell us if Bouchalakis is ready to play? Also, why was Fortounis left out after you had told us that his substitution against Apollon wasn’t due to injury?

“As for Bouchalakis, we’ll see, he’ll still be evaluated. We have still another training session to assess various factors regarding Bouchalakis. After the end of the training, we’ll make the decision on whether he’ll be at our disposal. Before Monday’s training, Kostas informed us that he couldn’t train and so I made the decision to leave him out of the team for this match”.

Do you think that Mady Camara is ready to play in tomorrow’s match? Also will we see Olympiacos with the same tactic and mentality that we saw in the previous matches?

“Our identity won’t change. The opponent is very good and the match is difficult. We want spiritual strength to face the difficulties of the match. As for Mandy, he has shown us that he’s available and ready to play this match. That’s why he’s here with us”.

Here are Camara’s quotes in detail:

Can you tell us how you experienced this coronavirus mishap? Also, do you feel ready for the match against Manchester City?

“For the first couple of days I felt tired. However, afterwards I was feeling good, I trained at home and now I feel ready to help the team”.

Last season you played your first matches in the Champions League. How different do you expect yourself to be in this competition?

“The most important thing and my goal is for Olympiacos to reach as far as possible and this is what we’re going to try”.

Last year, Olympiacos won away against Arsenal and was close to doing a miracle against Tottenham. Can he achieve this in tomorrow’s match?

“We’ve come here with our minds on tomorrow’s match. We don’t think about what happened last year. We’ve come to get points or a point against City”.

In the first two matches, Olympiacos showed that he was equivalent to Marseille and Porto. Can Olympiacos face up against a big opponent like Manchester City?

“The only thing I can tell you is that we can get points. What matters to us is to get points. What happened in the other two matches has no importance whatsoever”.

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