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Quotes by Martins and Camara

Quotes by Martins and Camara

Read here the quotes by Pedro Martins and Mady Camara on the eve of the match against PSV Eindhoven.

Pedro Martins’ quotes in detail:

On the players’ condition, especially M’Vila:

“Avraam is available, while Semedo is punished. Sokratis and Ba are in a very good shape and will play. As for M’Vila, we’ll wait for the training session. It’s not easy, but we’ll wait to see what will happen so that we know for sure.”

On whether there will be changes comparing with the derby against Panathinaikos:

“It’s a completely different match from the one against Panathinaikos. We’ve rotated the team in the last matches because we believe in all the players and because all the players have to be ready when they’re needed. Strategically there will be changes. It’s a completely different match. Both teams will play for the victory and there will be some differences. We’ll also see some small changes in the players who will play”.

On the changes in the defense and whether the new players who will play against Eindhoven, Lala, Sokrates and Reabciuk, are well integrated.

“These are different situations. Reabciuk has played enough time, since Holebas had some problems. Sokratis has worked hard, even though he was not physically prepared due to his long absence, and is now at 100%. Lala works well and might help. This doesn’t mean that whoever comes to the team must play immediately. I must say that the final decisions will be made after the training. I have an idea but not definitive yet”.

On the differences between PSV Eindhoven and other teams and whether there’s a previous opponent with similar features:

“PSV Eindhoven has two main characteristics: as a Dutch team, it loves offensive football, has the identity of its coach and excellent players with advanced skills. It’s a well-worked team. We have played against offensive teams, City, Arsenal, Bayern, who have the most offensive characteristics in scoring. We’ll watch a match with the teams wanting to win and to qualify, to have ball possession and to attack. It will be difficult for us, it’s a shame that we won’t have our supporters. There will be two good teams playing. We’ll find an opponent with offensive characteristics, however it won’t be the first time that we’ll face a team like this and we’ll try to get a good result until the final whistle”.

PSV Eindhoven has scored in all matches, but has defensive weak points. What features should Olympiacos have to achieve the desired result and, as we imagine, without conceding goals:

“I wouldn’t like to talk about the strategy and reveal information to the opponent’s coach. We know their strong and weak points. Their team has an excellent offensive game, it’s very organized and it will be a beautiful and thrilling match. We must be much focused and avoid mistakes, which will be very important in this first match”.

Mady Camara’s quotes in detail:

On where should Olympiacos focus on for tomorrow’s match against PSV:

“It’s very important for us and our fans. It’s very important to win and not concede goals. Our team has experienced players, Valbuena, M’Vila, El Arabi, as well as quality young players. We can play make a good match and win”.

On how does the team feel, considering it didn’t prepare as usual and has consecutive matches, one after the other:

“We have no choice. We do our job as best as we can. People only watch us on TV, which is difficult for everyone. We try to do our job as best as we can to make our supporters happy too”.

On what will play a more important role for Olympiacos, the defense or the attack:

“The most prepared person is the coach. He will make the tactical decisions. However, regardless of the opponent we’re facing, we want to have ball possession and offensiveness. We have no intention on changing our style of play”.

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