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Solidarity mission in Damassi completed

Solidarity mission in Damassi completed

On Monday 29/3, the final shipment of humanitarian aid reached our fellow citizens who were left homeless following the main and aftershocks in Elassona.

Starting from Karaiskakis stadium, a convoy of solidarity set out with the Olympiacos-branded bus at the head and then a group of tractors carrying portable cabins.

The chief of this mission, “G. Karaiskakis” President and CEO Vassilis Vassiliadis, delivered the keys and 4 fully equipped cabins to the Metropolitan Bishop of Elassona Charitonas who pointed out:

“The delivery of these last 4 cabins brings the major offering of our Church’s benefactor Mr. Evangelos Marinakis to completion; I would like to express, once again, my deep gratitude”.

For his part, Tyrnavos Mayor Giannis Kokouras stressed:

“A big thank you on behalf of our fellow townsmen to Mr. Marinakis for his donation to our earthquake-hit region”.

On top of that, balls, boots and sportswear were given away to the local club of Damassiakos, along with other essentials and cleaning equipment etc. offered also by Olympiacos.

Last, Regional Deputy Governor in charge of Sports Mr. Nikos Lioupas said:

“As of today, no less than twenty families will have a shelter of their own in one of these cabins sent by Mr. Marinakis. I wish this initiative is reproduced by others; in these hard times, we need everyone’s support”.

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