O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
The Legend lands in New York

The Legend lands in New York

New York stands for the new proud member of the Olympiacos family and a great success of our Soccer School Network!

This is international school No 9 for Olympiacos; the heart of the Legend now beats strong in one of the world’s largest metropolis!

Landing in the State where most Greeks may be found (more than 170,000 fellow countrymen), Olympiacos is now to become the point of reference for all Greek migrants, offering children both the vision and incentives to practice and turning into a major attraction for all kids of Greek origin.

In the words of our the Director of our School Network Mr. Vassilis Nanos:

“The Olympiacos Soccer School Network expands even more. On a daily basis, we confirm our true passion for sports, trying also to emit positive messages towards children of young age. Our President keeps on investing in new projects and the Olympiacos human resources and partners, by supporting our plans with passion and personal commitment.

Sports makes people move, it inspires and unites people.

Olympiacos is what inspires and unites us”.

The President of New York School Mr. Socrates Sellas, a first generation Greek-American, says:

“The mission of the Olympiacos School in New York is to build great footballers following a procedure based on top standards and the instructions and curriculum of our School Administration so that our payers make full use of their potential.

The passion, commitment and desire of all our School staff in combination with professionalism displayed by all executives will provide a great service in terms of training and young talent development. We are so proud of that!”

Our premises are located in the area of Westchester and Queens, while our School will be able to serve the State of New York along with those of New Jersey and Connecticut.

New York, welcome to the great family of Olympiacos!

School Staff

President: Socrates Sellas
Directors: Jay Cho, Gloria Kim, Theodore Dukakis
Director of Coaching: Gonzalo Moreno
Email: registrar@olympiacos-ny.com
Website: www.olympiacos-ny.com
Facebook: https://bit.ly/3f4ZiOx
Instagram: https://bit.ly/3f7n7Fj
Twitter: https://bit.ly/33sz42W
Facility address: SUNY Maritime College 6 Pennyfield Avenue
Throggs Neck, NY 10465

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