O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Martins & Bouchalakis Press Conference

Martins & Bouchalakis Press Conference

Read below quotes from Pedro Martins and Andreas Bouchalakis Presser ahead of tomorrow's fixture against Nefski.

Words by Pedro Martins

On whether the side is at the desired level: “The squad is fine, they worked hard and we are quite satisfied although we are still at the beginning and there is room for improvement. We are increasing the pace and we are at a great level”

On Valbuena: “Mathieu has been training normally over the past week. He is at a good level and ready for the game”

On the fans returning to the stadium and whether the club’s record of wins in qualifiers guarantees their success or generates stress: “This is a symbolic day. Our fans will be back at the stadium. Let me say again that football is not the same without fans. It’s a sports that needs their passion they. We work to bring satisfaction to our fans and the club. Also, they will practically help us since they give us the boost, the energy we need to bring positive results. Of course, our effort is also required to win this match”.

On the change of the away-goal rule: “This is big change. That rule often used to benefit top teams. Also, when a tie was to be determined in overtime,it would have taken a single goal to define things and the fate of top teams. It was a kind of protection for big clubs. Now, matches will be more competitive for everyone, regardless of one’s size.

On Nefski: “We are more concerned with our own team; it goes without saying that we have done our homework about Nefski. they are a quality team, worthy of our respect. They have international players and they played well to qualify. We might be considered the favorite but we have to be very cautious, sow respect to our opponent and play the way we know.”

Words by Andreas Bouchalakis

On his feedback about the preseason and the state of the squad: “This has been a particular period both for players and the clubs. match after match, we will be better. What matters is for us to exploit all opportunities and set the pace of the encounter, since we are the hosts and the fans will be supporting us. we are experienced enough to do what we have to. It is reasonable to say we are not at 100% at this very moment, but the important thing is to get the result and qualify so we attain our objective.”

On the return of fans and rumours about his potential transfer: “All the guys are looking forward to this match, it is important for us and our fans who will be back on the stands. We look forward to set foot on the pitch again and feel the passion from the warm-up. I am personally focused 100% on the our goal, which is to make it to the Champions League group stage. This is very important for all. I have nothing else in my mind. Management knows the proper replies to that and you have to ask them about the second leg of this question.

On the streak of qualifications for Olympiacos“Our experience suggests that we think of nothing else but these 2 important matches. Especially, given the change in the away-goal rule. We have to see them as 2 halves of one encounter. We must defend
properly and, having said that, we have the players and the game plan to set the rhythm of the match”.

On Nefski: “I don’t have the big picture, i just watched part of their match against Dinamo. They have a compact side, quality players in the midfield and in the attack, they use counter-attacks to exploit all weaknesses of their opponent. We will also watch them today with our coach and try to be as well prepared as possible”.

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