O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Martins and Valbuena Press Conference

Martins and Valbuena Press Conference

Pedro Martins and Mathieu Valbuena in press conference duties ahead of our side’s match against Fenerbahce.

Presser by the Olympiacos coach:

On his expectations for Thursday’s match: “This is a well-balanced tie between two good sides with a winning mentality. Vitor Pereira does not know our tactics, nor do we know his. We do know we are to play a tough opponent that will add pressure on us. We hope to play well and win this match. We will face the strongest squad we have played since now in the tournament and the atmosphere will be hot. Our team is well prepared and ready. What remains is to stay focused and display our quality on the pitch. Our sole aim is to win because we want to go forward in this competition. Our group is quite competitive with all four clubs fighting to qualify. A win would be a great step forward for us”.

On M’Vila state of fitness: “M’Vila had some last-minute issues. We decided to protect him and not have him capped in this match. We discussed and this has been a common joint decision. Our strategic plan remains the same, with or without M’Vila, and it will not change”.

On the elements the team failed to display against Antwerp and he expects to see on Thursday: “These are two completely different matches we are talking about, and both opponents are distinct. We played well against Antwerp and this was reflected in the final result. I expect us to be more consistent in our performance and that everything will go fine, like against Antwerp”.

On his relationship with Vitor Pereira: “We have known each other for many years and we are on friendly terms, more than accustomed between coaches. However, for these 90 minutes tomorrow evening, we will have relation whatsoever”.

Presser by Valbuena:

“I feel great and I am happy to be back on this stadium where I have lived some beautiful moments. We have a strong bond with Fenerbahce and I am moved to be here again. Yet, I am a player of Olympiacos, we want to win because qualifying to the next round is important to us and we hope that everything will turn out great on Thursday’s fixture.

We are well prepared, are ambitions are high and we want to go on winning matches to qualify. We know we are to play against a strong team, with a Portuguese coach who -like all Portuguese coaches- is very good when it comes to tactics. Fener has a strong defensive line and some talented players in the attack. The fans will create a very hot atmosphere but we have to stay focused and get a good result. Our aim is to win”.

On the atmosphere in the stadium: “This is a particular stadium; the atmosphere inside will be hot and we have to be mentally strong to cope with that. Fener will add pressure since kick-off but we came here having done our homework. It will be a tough encounter, because this is a tough competition. We have to display our best side and win the match”.

On how Fener’s fans stance towards him: “I have beautiful feelings for Fener’s fans. This is my destiny; last year we played against Marseille and this year it’s Fener. I will certainly honor any gestures of love on their behalf, since this is customary of the club”.

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