O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Martins and Masouras Press Conference

Martins and Masouras Press Conference

Pedro Martins and Giorgos Masouras in press conference duties ahead of our side’s match against Fenerbahce.

Presser by the Olympiacos coach:

Are we to expect something different in the squad and what about any problems: “We will have no problems. Karbownik and Kunde trained normally and stand ready. With the exception of Fortounis, we are all ready. I have made up my mind but I will disclose nothing. This match will be quite different to the one in Turkey”.

Are you concerned with the defense line’s response ahead of a match where no mistakes are allowed: “Against AEK, we played well, tactically also, we were smart in our game; we did exactly what he had prepared to catch the opponent by surprise. Mistakes will always exist in football; the ones in that derby were personal. If it had been a collective mistake, then I would have been troubled; however, these mistakes do happen in football. So, all in all, we are satisfied with the way our side played, also in defense “.

Is your plan amended because of Pereira’s changed formation?: “There is a doubt on their formation. Against Galatasaray, they played four in defense, normally they play five. We are ready to adapt to what comes our way. We are not 100% certain on how the opponent is going to play. When I say “adapt”, this does not mean our philosophy is going to change. Our strategy might change at some points, but our overall objective is to display well, to keep possession and deliver another great European evening to our fans“.

Is it a good incentive when one has to play against the best without seconds thoughts about choosing what competition to play in, as many might do? You might have also Barcelona in Europa League, for instance: “Nothing else ever occurred to us but to stay in the competition. Be it Barcelona, or Benfica or any other top team, Europa League is evolving into a mini-Champions League. We want to go on in this competition and this is what our club culture dictates. No other thought exists in our mind “.

What should you change against Fener compared to the Eintracht tie?: “I repeat that we deserved to lose in Germany; things in Greece were different and we did not deserve to lose, perhaps not even to draw. We were better but we paid the price of not converting. We had no less than 3 great and clean chances to score in the second half. Our opponent posed no threat but claimed the match thanks to a couple of fast breaks. We have to be more focused and attentive in defense, as well as more clinical in attack. We played a good match and the final scoreline did no justice to our performance”.

Presser by Giorgos Masouras:

Do you believe this season to be the most substantial in your career and whether you expect to find free space to move as in Constantinople: “The season is not over yet, so I cannot tell. On the match itself, I think it won’t be the same, they know as better and definitely it will be a match of far greater difficulty compared to the first one”.

Do you enjoy your goals more or is it your assists?: “Scoring has thins unique kind of appeal; giving an assist or netting it myself makes me equally happy since it helps the team; particularly, when our side wins”.

What are the things you should do differently compared to the Eintracht tie and do you think of the fact that you do score goals, but also concede them? “We only think of winning; there are issues we analyse after the match. Certainly, we dislike conceding goals and, whenever we get the lead, we have to keep it”».

Is there some answer to Ozil’s comments? “He is a great player and he has a strong character. Both he and his teammates want to give an answer for their first-round defeat, but it no different from our side. With all due respect, we play at home, we want to win and I believe we will”.

The team wins every time you score: “It would be great to score also tomorrow; I hope this will be the case for the team to achieve its objective. It doesn’t mean that we shall win should I score, but definitely it’s most welcome if it happens”.

Have you discussed about what’s better: Europa League or Conference League: ”We have one objective: to make it to the next stage and excel in this tournament. We have discussed or thought of nothing else. This is football however; if it turns out differently, we will see about that the day after”.

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