O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Martins and Vaclik Press Conference

Martins and Vaclik Press Conference

Read below words by Pedro Martins and Tomas Vaclik during their presser ahead of the Atalanta tie.

Words by Olympiacos coach in detail:

“Both M’Vila and Gary are fit to play. Formations do matter, but a side’s resolve matters the most. we have a strategy we want to concentrate on. But what’s more important than formations is stay focused and sharp “.

Whether there has been a chance lost in Bergamo to earn a better result given that Atalanta performs better when away: “We are much stronger at home with our fans next to us, we have to put on a strong performance and, with our fans’ help, to remain focused and sharp”.

On the qualities Olympiacos should have and whether this tie reminds him of the one against Milan: “There is one point in common; we want to win and we need to score twice to qualify. All the rest is different, the teams are different. We must respond better when losing the ball, which was not the case in Bergamo, and surely when they have a set piece. Being sharp is also very important. We had our chances with Henry and Aguibou; such chances don’t come up that easily, that’s why I am saying we have to be more effective”.

Whether it is a trap for Atalanta that a draw is good enough for them as well: “This is the truth. Atalanta are fine with drawing; we have to win. I am convinced that we will make a strong match and we will be victorious with the help of our supporters”.

On whether there will changes in the line-up and a comment on refereeing: “We shall not disclose our line-up; you shall see it tomorrow. I said in Bergamo whatever I had to say about refereeing. I do believe and hope that tomorrow we shall have some fair and upright refereeing”.

Words by Tomas Vaclik in detail:

On whether he feels more secure with a defensive line of three or four: “It makes no difference to me; we can adapt, we have the quality to respond in both cases. We have had the biggest part of this season with four defenders”.

On the incentive to keep a clean sheet and the presence fans at the stands: “it is great to have our fans back; I am looking forward to that. This will give us the energy we need. Atalanta are very dangerous. This is a big challenge for me and the team, since we are playing a team that hardly ever fails to score. This will be really tough and a big challenge for which we are ready with the help of our fans”.

On Atalanta’s hardships in offense: “Louis won’t play; we talked about that and we knew since the first leg that he was not going to play. However, they have alternatives. They have players to replace him a sidelined player and we are certainly not relieved by the fact some players won’t feature”.

On Atalanta and Olympiacos’ spell in this competition: “I hope Atalanta’s will end tomorrow. One of these two sides will make it past; both are good teams and any of the teams that will qualify is able to do something great in the competition”.

Coming from Europa League-winners Seville, what is the secret to qualify? “The secret is to have belief, to play well and give all you got. It is a tough competition, with Champions League-class clubs in the likes of Barcelona, Dortmund, Atalanta. It is a difficult tournament and it’s great that this year’s final is to be hosted in Seville; it will important for a team to make it there”.

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