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O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Míchel: “Satisfied with the appearance, dissatisfied with the result”

Míchel: “Satisfied with the appearance, dissatisfied with the result”

All quotes by the coach of Olympiacos, Míchel, at the press conference following the match against Freiburg.

Olympiacos gave an improved performance in Germany against Freiburg for a match of the UEFA Europa League group stages, something that Míchel, the coach of the “red-and-whites,” stressed.

In his statements, our team’s Spanish coach drew attention to the good performance of Olympiacos, following the end of the match at Freiburg’s home court:

There is a bittersweet taste, because on the one hand there is the elimination, but there is also your team’s improvement. Which parts from today’s game will you keep in view of what’s next. We also saw your players complaining about the referee.
Indeed, what we’re feeling is contradictory. On the one hand we are satisfied with our appearance but dissatisfied with the result. We played well, especially in the first half. We could have scored another goal in the first half. From the middle of the second half we made several defensive mistakes when we had possession, thus allowing the opponent to steal the ball and threaten us. This is not the team we saw a month and a half ago and I am pleased with their improvement. I never talk about the referee in general and especially in these Europa League games. However, this is a referee whose statistics in the game show 7 yellow cards and 1 suspension, without a kick.

Paschalakis made one of the top Greek goalkeeper appearances. Did he remind you of Roberto in some way? Regarding the fitness part, do you think it needs to be improved upon during the break for the World Cup?
Truth is, during the game it occurred to me that it was one of the top Greek goalkeeper appearances in Europe. I think it’s obvious and undeniable that we need to work on a lot of things. Footballers work hard and this improvement is evident. We obviously have to work during the break.

Did you ever think about having dinner with Paschalakis same as you were planning to with Roberto? Also, how come you decided to use Vrousai as a left-back? How did Garry’s forced substitution change the balance and what kind of injury did Rodriguez suffer?
He seems to be quite the eater, and it would be a very expensive treat. Give it some time, I hope I can make it. Our idea was to have Masouras and Garry as our strikers, so that Biel and El-Arabi would throw the ball forward and create room to enter the empty space. We faced a skilful and resourceful opponent. However, I think we were superior in both defence and offense. Vrousai is a key player for us and for any team, because he can play in any position. Regarding Gary, we’re afraid he has a minor hamstring contusion.

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