O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Press release

Press release

Press release by Olympiacos FC, regarding the events that took place in the match of the 2nd team against Egaleo.

The absolute trivialization of football was continued on Saturday with all the unlikely occurrences that we saw taking place in the stadium of Egaleo, during the match between the home team and the 2nd team of Olympiacos.

This time, the complete mockery of the regulations of the sport (and by extension of the product called soccer) was carried out by referees of the series, those appointed by Mandalos, Bennett, Baltakos or whomever else the surreptitious decision-makers choose, who run the entity bearing the label “Hellenic Football Federation”.

In Saturday’s game those who appeared on the field as “Referees” of the match tainted the result by cancelling a goal in which the scorer was covered by at least three defenders!

Guillotine-refereeing was also present in our team’s previous games, while these phenomena are repeatedly observed in other games of the category, defining the fate of teams and the competition as a whole.

Olympiacos FC is one of the teams that requested and pioneered the establishment of the institution of the 2nd Groups, among the exemplars of the biggest European championships, for two reasons: First for reasons of development.

As a club that has been investing for years in the operation of the Academies, we thought that the operation of a team that will participate in a professional league and act as a lobby for the first team will have beneficial effects on our players, in terms of experiences and performances.

And secondly, to help improve the product of the second ‘professional’ Super League 2 category, which is considered one of the most corrupt professional categories in Europe, according to official Sportradar data.

Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly apparent that this is almost impossible. Regrettably, there are too many bookies and crooks in the category who do not let those few, who are respectable, to operate in the way that a professional category requires and to raise the level.

We are increasingly finding that there is no point in investing in the gutter. And no good will come since some –not only non-institutional figures, but also those holding positions of responsibility– want this gutter to be maintained and enlarged.

Under these circumstances, Olympiacos FC will seriously reconsider its presence in this category.

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