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Press Release by Olympiacos FC

Press Release by Olympiacos FC

Olympiacos FC on the Atromitos v AEK match.

Those pathetic images at Peristeri stadium involving measuring tapes, scenes of bullying on referees to interrupt the match by members of the criminal gang that keeps plundering Greek football and AEK FC’s vile plan not to play the match and get a paper win, degrade our league as low as the 3rd Division and bring us back to those decades when clubs used to turn off the floodlights in order to interrupt matches.

Extreme weather conditions and intense rainfalls that hit Athens, reasonably caused problems, such as a pitch to subside, but nobody could have foreseen that some would go as far as to employ a measuring tape in order to suffocate Greek football!

They gave no time to tackle the problem, nor did they leave room for doubt that the whole thing was a set-up and they didn’t become so keen observationists… overnight!

Those who ceremoniously opened the gates of their new stadium after extorting and threatening to get all conformity permits despite countless irregularities and oversights, with no plexiglass protective shielding and other required security features and yet no club complained for “irregularities of the pitch”. Those who disregard the safety of their own supporters and didn’t even bother to investigate the death of 2 fans that might have been caused by chemicals emitted by smoke bombs.

We comprehend AEK’s intention to use all unfair means in order to win their 2nd championship title under their new VAT ID, but they don’t have to take all Greek football tumbling down to 3rd Division standards in the same way that certain people relegated AEK to 3rd Division to save themselves from debt, or condemn our league to same fate like that of SL2 which they broke apart.

Why don’t they properly try win their 2nd title under their new VAT ID by playing the matches, with no fainting, no tear gases, no floodlight switches turned down.

We do not believe that this travesty shall go on in the court rooms of disciplinary committees with those who went to the stadium in order not to play the match, who went to merely steal 3 points and have a good rest ahead of their coming semi-final first leg.

We believe that it is unthinkable that measuring-savvy seamstress (although their tape is an utterly unsuitable means for accurate measurements) shall prevail to the detriment of Greek football.

On said inconceivable absurdity, said unprecedented aberration and distortion of both the Greek Championship and Cup campaigns, the Federation’s President and competent Minister have to take a stance.

Referee Manouchas, whose hands were too shaky while measuring due to the threats he suffered, has to formally report to Football Prosecutors the names of those who threatened him and what the was told to happen should had he failed to immediately interrupt the match.

We consider to be self-evident that the match observer who allowed a certain Giannis Papadopoulos, a person with no official capacity and the main figure in football’s criminal organization, illegally wandering in the dressing room area and the tunnel, while ordering the referee to end the match, shall never be appointed as a Super League observer again.

We reckon that Hellenic Police and competent prosecutor’s office shall carry out an official inquiry so as to find out how the Police allowed for non-authorised individuals to ramble in the dressing room area and what exactly Police Head of Security Measures did when said Giannis Papadopoulos -the star person of all rottenness and illegality registered during elections in local Federations, the one who talks with referees all day long and every rogue figure in football, who plays a central role in the criminal organization tormenting football- stormed the dressing rooms and threatened referees.

Last but not least, we believe it goes without saying this match shall be played as it should and the championship shall not be adulterated due to weather conditions that nobody can fight against; we believe that disciplinary bodies shall not allow football to be indelibly stained by the “the measuring tape disgrace».

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