O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Michel: “We are stronger when with our supporters”

Michel: “We are stronger when with our supporters”

Words by the Spanish coach following Olympiacos’ victory in Volos.

Read below quotes by Olympiacos manager Michel during his post-match presser in Volos:

Fortounis was involved in all 3 goals scored in the match; do you have a comment to make about your player?
We need him to be as fit as possible; he is our captain. We need his consistency and dedication; he gives us all these at the maximum and we thank him for that.

Ahead of the break, do you think it will be a great time to rest or a disruptive period for the team?
We just finished a peculiar encounter; yes, we won 3-0 but the match was very demanding, mentally most importantly. This is why we need this break and we will make use of it to get some rest, especially a mental one. Also, once we are back from the break, we will then have some players we truly need back in action. Against Volos, it was obvious that our players have put great effort so far since they didn’t perform like in previous fixtures, although they were sharp in the end. Now, we have to charge our batteries and use this break, because in one-week time we will be back for a very demanding run of matches. We are fine, we are happy and we will be calm in the encounters to follow; against Volos, once more, we did what we had to do.

Do you believe that you got the feedback you needed from footballers that haven’t played that much so far, like Kasami and Samassékou?
We are absolutely satisfied. We love this competition generated within the team; we want them all to feel that they have an opportunity to be capped; we want no one to be complacent because, indeed, they all have the same chances to play. The response by Kasami was quite positive, because he is a player who hasn’t played for a long time; it was so not because he scored the goal, but for his great performance and for always being at the right spot on the pitch.

With 12,000 supporters at the stands of Panthessalikon Stadium, do the players feel the fans’ message and passion to win the title?
Totally. We take their support in and it greatly boosts us forward; we do thank them for that. As it was in the previous match, the fans have showed us in the past 7 days that they believe in us and they will continue to. The people know we are here to make it all the way and it’s nice to have them with us, because we are much stronger when together.

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