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Antonio Cordon: “By working hard and with humbleness, I will do everything for Olympiacos”

Antonio Cordon: “By working hard and with humbleness, I will do everything for Olympiacos”

Olympiacos FC new Sporting Director Antonio Cordon shares his first words.

Olympiacos FC hosted, Tuesday noon (27/6), the official presentation of the club’s new Sporting Director. The Spaniard said that the red-and-white outfit is the biggest step in his career and, after saying that he loves “to avoid publicity and work behind the scenes”, he argued that by working hard and with humbleness, he will give everything for Olympiacos.

“I would like to thank President Marinakis and his family for giving me the opportunity to work in this magnificent club. I have been professionally involved with football for many years, I have had spells in many clubs, but I truly believe that this is my biggest step forward. Olympiacos stands well beyond all previous clubs in terms of its size. When I received an invitation by the President and his son to present me their project on potentially working together, I didn’t have to think it twice and I made up my mind instantly. I have no regrets for that. We came here to work and make Olympiacos even bigger, to help the club win more trophies and give joy to our fans as they are used to. Since the very first moment, I felt the joyous atmosphere and the great mood. I see how they are all eager to do more for Olympiacos; I see there is people who want to help Olympiacos grow more and I hope that, by means of my hard work and humbleness, I will also offer joy to Olympiacos and make the club even bigger. So that we are all happy as it is accustomed in Olympiacos”, Antonio Cordon originally said.

On the features of Olympiacos transfer strategy:

“I know that wherever we are in the world, what matters for fans and, even more, for journalists is the issue of transfers and potential singings. This is the case here also. There are players who are very expensive, very talented and experienced in winning titles in the past. There are plyers with less talent and experience, and much more affordable. For us, which one form these two categories we will pick from, it makes no difference. What matters is that the players to be selected for the team should share the same identity and philosophy on the team’s structure. They will share the same ambition so that they are ready, from their standpoint, to offer to the team that we will setup for the coming season”.

Olympiacos went the extra mile and signed a sporting director of your caliber, and also an acclaimed coach from La Liga. The fans are concerned we are left behind a bit in terms of transfers. Do you believe that the team will be ready by August 10th?

“I fully comprehend your question and the reply is that my way of working is to avoid publicity and stay behind the scenes. That’s how I’d rather describe it. I want you to know that we are working day and night and specific steps have been taken. We will not be making daily announcements, or hitting the headlines every day. We will make the choices we have to; we are running late. Rest assured that the team will be ready and filled with ambitions and committed to stand up to our duty when we are faced with it”.

The team is to leave in one week for their preseason training. Will there be newcomers to board the plane? How many of them?

“Rushing things has never been a good idea. Statistics how that the best deals are concluded in the final days of the transfer period. One has to play his cards right. In poker terms, one has to know how the game is played and when to make one’s moves at the right moment”.

Your work in Spain has been exquisite. You are fully aware of how to build teams that perform well in European tournaments. Tell us the ingredients Olympiacos should have in order to complete such spells in Europe, apart from winning the double in Greece that remains a target.

“My way is the one I used to have throughout my entire life. It is my philosophy and aim in life: to work with calmness and humbleness. Always, I also have to make some unpleasant choices and remain always calm and not hasty. “By working hard and with humbleness, I will do everything so that we all offer things to the club”.

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