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Diego Martínez: “We paid for our mistakes and our inexpediencies”

Diego Martínez: “We paid for our mistakes and our inexpediencies”

The press conference of Diego Martínez following the game against Freiburg.

The coach of Olympiacos, Diego Martínez, in his press conference following the completion of the match against Freiburg, drew attention to the inexpediencies of the “red-and-whites” in the opportunities they created, as well as the mistakes made during the match.

In detail, the press conference of Diego Martínez:

At which point do you believe the match was decided? Additionally, is there any news about Jesé’s situation, and if you wish to comment on the moment that he was injured.

I think that the key to the match was the lack of success in our moments; we created moments, but we were not successful. We also paid for the mistakes we made – when you play at this level you pay for your mistakes. We could have come first, but we conceded goals. We learn from our mistakes; we are not satisfied, the result is painful, but we will go on. We have demonstrated that we are capable of something good, and we need to continue.

What do you believe is the reason for this inexpediency? Players’ stress?

In no way was it stress or lack of concentration. We came in focused and had a good plan. The team gave it their all. They played with their heart and soul to get the good result that we deserved – but this is soccer. Today, everything went backwards, even though we stood well during the game. We were inexpedient and everything went wrong; we had too much against us. We had to make two substitutions due to injury. Things did not go well for us, but we will have to keep going.

You talked about mistakes and inefficiency – would you add the substitution of Kostas Fortounis in those mistakes?

When I talk about mistakes –and I’m referring to the team’s mistakes– the first one who is at fault when the team does not win is the coach. We already had to make two forced substitutions and there was one break left for our substitutions. At that moment, we had to make decisions – we believed that Freiburg would push us during the last few minutes, and we thought about which players were tired and had to be substituted so that we could freshen up our team. We were not entitled to another break afterwards. Fortounis was playing a good game at that point, but we thought about the next few minutes and that we would be under pressure. When the game is over, a lot can be said, things to be considered; especially when the game is lost you think about what you could have done differently. We are a team with many players and a lot of information for everyone; we have more data than you know – whether someone is in pain or discomfort, and we know the exact condition of the footballers. We know who is more tired and tense in the specific moment.

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