O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Diego Martinez: A fair win on the road against a tough opponent

Diego Martinez: A fair win on the road against a tough opponent

Below follow words of the coach of Olympiacos Diego Martinez on the side’s win to PAS Giannena.

The coach of Olympiacos Diego Martinez spared no words of acknowledgement for the red-and-white side’s away win to PAS Giannena.

In detail, see below the interview of the Spanish coach of Olympiacos:

“Confabulations to the players and our team, since we earned a fiar win. Despite the fact that the kick off was delayed and this could have affected us, we stayed focused, had our chances to score more goals and get over with it even faster. On a challenging homeground and against a tough opponent that always makes it difficult for Olympiacos, we yet managed to earn the win”.

Olympiacos manages to easily get over with domestic ties; do you believe this sends a message to your opponents, especially now as the team increases its lead?

We think of no other team, no other matches or other club’s results. We think only of ourselves and we stay true to our targets. What we are doing is quite hard, it is far from easy to for any team to register our current figures. Every match is a different challenge. This has been one more victory suffering no goals and this is the path we want to follow.

Olympiacos attempted many shots from distance. Was that some instruction of yours or did it have to do with PAS Giannena’s mindset?

This is part of our identity; we do not do his against a specific opponent. The goal for all our players is to score and to do it in any way they can. Perhaps, we had to be sharper, we have no individual target of scoring against any specific opponent, but it is something we always want. After 2-0, we have all seen we did some wrong choices in our effort to score the 3rd. This is due to our players’ scoring appetite, but perhaps we should have made our minds better in the last part of our choices.

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