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The pre-match press conference for the game with Freiburg

The pre-match press conference for the game with Freiburg

What the coach of Olympiacos, Diego Martínez, and German footballer Stefan Jovetic said.

The coach of Olympiacos, Diego Martínez, and Stefan Jovetić, representing the team’s players, spoke at the press conference before the match against Freiburg.

In view of the match against the Germans on Thursday (29/11, 19:45) at the Stadion Am Wolfswinkel, the Spanish coach of Olympiacos spoke about the concentration that the team should have during the match.

In detail, the press conference of Diego Martínez and Stefan Jovetić:

Do you agree with your footballer’s view that there was a misfortune in the first game against Freiburg? Also, have you found the answers to the problems of that match?
I completely agree with Jovetić’s view, not so much about that specific game. I will agree about what happened in that match, but we are not dwelling on that match. Since then, Olympiacos has improved and is more mature and prepared, and we are a team that wants to play in this kind of matches. We heard an interview with Maldini, that a team should be mature and cautious. Olympiacos is characterised by this phrase. We are definitely a more mature and cautious team that will not make mistakes easily and will not allow the same mistakes that were made back then. We are better than in the first game.

Is the reference to Maldini accidental or will you give an emphasis on defence? Also, have you prepared a surprise for your defence?
Press conferences are a little boring, so I said it so that you have something to write about. These references are pleasant, and it is nice to be remembered for anyone who writes a book, because the script becomes more beautiful. There are 11 of us on the pitch and let me explain why I referred to this phrase – for a team to win and perform well, they need to make no mistakes and play with their own identity and maturity. Since then, we have matured as a team, despite the fact that we have young players. We have experienced players like Jovetić, but we have several young members in the team, yet the team is more mature and more cautious. You need to reduce the number of mistakes and be more impactful in your efforts and play with your identity. These are the elements we must have – if we achieve one, it is not enough to get the result. We have come here to show our best selves and our identity. When I talk about the details we need to pay attention to and the maturity of our players, such as Jovetić, there are also the conditions during the game. The cold is one of these elements and we will have to adapt to this condition to make the best game we can.

Will Iborra be a key player in your game plans, and do you have in mind a triad shape in defence?
I never give away the line-up at a press conference. We have one more practice and the players will be the first ones to learn the line-up. It is a version and a solution, we have worked on it and it is likely to happen, but it may not. A team that is rich in tactics must be ready to change their plans and adjust the game accordingly. It is not up to the player to be selected but for the whole team to follow the system, and it depends on who the opponent is. We are ready to change systems, it’s something I like to do with whichever team I am on. What we want is to show our best face.

Jovetić: “We are more mature”

You have played in Germany for two years and you know Freiburg, what should Olympiacos do for the positive result?
I was here in Germany for two years and I have played against Freiburg and I know them well. They are a strong team, difficult and with quality. I expect a tough and powerful game. As we saw in the first game in our stadium, we can face this team, although we conceded three goals, we did not have many difficult moments in our home ground and we were unlucky, so I think we can achieve something positive here.

This year Olympiacos has lost points due to the details in the group stage. Is this something that concerns you footballers, and do you think it is time to get a big result away from home?
It is true that we need to be more focused because it is the details that lead you to a good result. The first game we played was not our best in terms of concentration, but as the coach said, the team is more mature and has evolved compared to then, and we will try to be focused and not let these details ruin our game.

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