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Pedro Alves: “Olympiacos must always first”

Pedro Alves: “Olympiacos must always first”

Olympiacos FC presented the club’s new Sports Director Pedro Alves.

In G. Karaiskakis stadium, Olympiacos FC hosted, Tuesday (5/12), an official Press Conference to present the club’s new Sports Director Pedro Alves.

Vice President D’ and General Director Kostas Karapapas, after welcoming Pedro Alves, gave the floor to Olympiacos FC Strategic Advisor and Ambassador Christian Karembeu, who said:

“We welcome Pedro Alves in the Olympiacos family. As you know, he used to Braga’s Head of Scouting and then Estoril’s Technical Director. We wish him the best in building our team ahead of the future”.

Then, the floor was given to our new Sports Director Pedro Alves to share his first words and then reply to questions from journalists:

“Firstly, I want to thank the President for giving me the opportunity to work in Greece’s biggest club. I want to thank Mr. Karapapas and Mr. Karembeu because, from the moment I joined the club, they spare no time explaining and displaying to me this club’s grandeur. I would like also to thank Mr. Cordon and Mr. Navaro for welcoming so warmly; they have helped and showed me around so I become familiar as quickly as possible with all players and our club. I would like to say a few things about myself.

To start with, I am a team player and I love working with everybody. I have been in Athens for a few days only but I want to meet the entire organization and give my best so I can work to the top of my abilities and cooperate with everybody. While talking with Mr. Karapapas, we used the word ‘family’ quite a lot. I really like that and I am looking forward to becoming a member of the Olympiacos family. This is a big responsibility and an important moment. I cannot wait to start working and meet all our fans, become part of the family and offer as many things as I can. I came to Greece because I believe we can build something beautiful and I have faith in the Olympiacos project. All the people I have met so far are top professionals and able to ensure we will deliver”.

Please elaborate on your philosophy. Will you move along Mr. Cordon and Mr. Navaro’s plan?

Let me first tell you that I have trust on Mr. Cordon and Mr. Navaro because we are all acquaintances. As said, before joining Estoril, I worked as Braga’s Head of Scouting. Back then, I had travelled and worked with Mr. Navaro, so I am well aware of his methodology and work. Mr. Cordon might not be with us on a daily basis, but we know each other very well and we will maintain close collaboration. We will utilize his multi-year experience and I have full trust on what he has been able to create so far. We will continue with full transparency and honesty to build an amazing collaboration. As per the process, we certainly have to change something, because Olympiacos currently stand in a place they do not deserve. We must always be first. So, given we are not first place, we have to do something. With full trust on choices and suggestions by Mr. Navaro, we have to find players for the team. I strongly believe in being organized and having processes in place; we have to find those players that fit in the team and onboard them as quickly as possible.

In your discussions with Mr. Marinakis, what is the goal you set?

Our first meeting was very good. We talked about the pedigree of Olympiacos and the need to bring the club back to top place, therefore the first topic in our agenda has been about how the club can win the championship title and make it to the Champions League groups, where it deserves to be. Following that, we said that Mr. Cordon shall hold a new position and I will take on his job with a clear goal to work day-in day-out to the benefit of Olympiacos. We make clear that the process is as follows: we do not work for the new coach or anyone else, nor Mr. Navaro or Pedro Alves. We only work for Olympiacos so the club returns to the top.

The fans put huge pressure to see immediate results. How do you deal with that?

Firstly, let me tell you that should things have been OK, this change would not have been needed and we would have this press conference right now. If I didn’t believe I could do something good for the team, I wouldn’t be here. I am here because I believe I can assist the team. Being under pressure is part of our profession and when a club wants to win the championship, then pressure grows bigger. Working under pressure is our daily bread and butter. What this team need immediately is serenity, a cool head and see things in a more organized way. This is what we will try to do from day one. We came here to provide this organizational spirit, discipline and the quick fix needed right now. We will see what immediate changes in the roster should take place. All these will be done with a cool head, professionalism, good organization and I think that this is the first thing our team needs right now.

Have you assessed the roster? If yes, how many new transfers does the team need and in which positions?

You know I have been in Greece and Olympiacos just for a few days, so I couldn’t say publicly that e.g. we need a goalkeeper and a striker or a left or right full back, since I have hardly met all people in the team. Like all clubs, we are also active in the market and check all our options; we have assessed certain things and announcements shall be made first within the team and then in public. We have a few days ahead to make the best possible choices.

What was your first thought once you have originally been contacted for this job? Have you talked with others who have worked in Olympiacos in the past?

It is hard to deny an offer from such a gib club like Olympiacos. Therefore, when I heard the proposal, I felt proud and I wanted to help this top club with all my strength. Many Portuguese have worked in Olympiacos, I certainly talked with some coaches and they all told me great stuff for our team. They also told me some negative things, like the constant pressure this team is always under. But when someone is told about this team, then the only thing he wants to do is help bring the club where it should be.

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