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O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Press release

Press release

A statement by Olympiacos FC.

A reply that got leaked from the Ministries of Citizen Protection and Sports evidently makes no response and fails to reply to any of the questions posed by OLYMPIACOS FC.

You support that it is your “sovereign right” to close down a stadium due to high risk.

So, we ask you again: Why didn’t you close down the volleyball court last evening where a European fixture with fans attending was held and why didn’t you decide to close down the basketball court on Friday (OLYMPIACOS v VALENCIA)? Why don’t you close down other football pitches tomorrow (Panathinaikos v Maccabi Haifa, and PAOK v Elsinki)?

Do you have any evidence showing this “high risk” appears in the OLYMPIACOS football stadium only? If yes, do bring them to light. Everything should be brough to light.

How about giving us a reply on the commercial areas (suits, restaurants) that have no connection whatsoever with the stands? Will they be open?

How about giving a reply to questions by those millions of our fans and our own? Or, you will stick to your “sovereign right” that you apply to clearly discriminate against the organization and fans of OLYMPIACOS?

It is a matter of Democracy and OLYMPIACOS shall defend its right by contending before the Greek and European Justice against Ministers Oikonomou, Katsafados and Vroutsis who took said decisions and made these unacceptable discriminations against Greek citizens.

We urge you, even at the eleventh hour, to reply and undo your decision.

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