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O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Pre-match Press Conference against Dnipro

Pre-match Press Conference against Dnipro

Read below words of our club’s coach, Mr Pereira, and Ioannis Maniatis, one day before the crucial encounter with Dnipro.

Vitor Pereira:

How difficult does it make it for your side that your opponent has had no official match in the last two monhts?

“I want to say that I am very pleased to participate in this contest. I really like it and there are many things in it for us. Things will be tough, since we have an official match every 3-4 days. We want to accomplish great things in this tournament as well and we have been prepared to do something good in this match”.

You said that you have a match every three days. How do you, as a team, spend your spare time?

“As for the players, I assume they spend their time with their families and try to get some rest, like I do. I don’t want this tough schedule of ours to turn into some kind of an excuse. We are here to fight in this contest, against a quality side with some very good players; we want to show our best and try to move forwards without trying to find any excuses”.

Have you made up your mind on the starting line-up?

“As I have said before, this tournament is very important. In order to move on, I will pick those players that I deem capable of meeting this challenge. We must see matches one by one and have in mind only the most important one: and always, the most important is the next one”.

You have seen some of Dnipro’s matches. Which were those and what are the features in your opponent’s style of play that you have pointed out?

“Of course, we have watched some of their matches both in recent months and those in autumn. This is a squad of European standards and we are very well aware of that; it is a very good side, featuring quality and fast forwards. They are a well-organized team and we have been prepared to play the match with composure and in our own style, and thus prove that Olympiacos is worthy of participating in European tournaments, that our club’s significance is valid not just within Greece”.

Ioannis Maniatis:

Your opponent has played no official match since early December. How much does it make it difficult for you in conjunction with your playing consecutive matches in the last month and ahead of the derby?

“We came here well prepared for this fixture and we are not affected by the fact that Dnipro has not performed officially for some time. Besides, we know they have played too many friendlies and prepared quite a lot. For us, this is a very difficult month ahead, featuring a number of tough encounters; we have managed of being still in line with our objectives. We are really interested in this match, we want to win and we will do the best we can to take a positive result out of it”.

You have been a member of the squad that beat Metallist in Kharkiv and Rubin in Moscow amidst even harsher conditions than 3 years ago? What’s your feelings about this match?

“I am one of the few players than have played in those matches. Now, conditions are much better than in Moscow and Kharkiv three years ago. As far as we are concerned, we have to see this match like we did in our UEFA Champions League fixtures. Europa League interests us; it is a tournament that has grown stronger since many strong teams play here now following their disqualification from the UEFA Champions League. We want to give our best, stay focused for all 90 minutes and I believe our side has the potential to achieve something good. We have shown our strength and our clubs in Europe have respect for us. Tomorrow, we will perform in order to get the best possible result”.

You have seen Dnipro playing, so which is the player who has impressed you the most?

“We have been prepared well, we got our insights from our coach and we will get more. We have seen how Dnipro plays. I can surely say that it is a very good side with some great players. I would not like to comment on specific ones. The fact alone that they are at this UEFA Europa League stage, it means that they have a very good team”.

You are still into all three campaigns you were playing in. you have said to have great expectation in the UEFA Europa League. How far do you think you can go?

“We see every match individually. Certainly, an opportunity for us to move on to the next stage lies here for us. In order for that to happen, we have first to give our best; to work hard and see one match at a time. We have shown in Europe that we are capable of achieving great things. We want to move on, we have high expectations for this year and we will try to show that on the pitch”.

Photostory from the training ahead of the match against Dnipro.

Video – Press Conference (Dnipro – Olympiacos).

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