O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Pre-match Press Conference against Astana

Pre-match Press Conference against Astana

Please read below quotes from our club’s head coach, Mr Paulo Bento, and Andre Martins one day before our side’s match against Astana.

Paulo Bento

-On his thoughts about tomorrow’s match and whether he believes it is going to be as easy as the first one: My thought about the match is to win. That’s how we think about all matches. In terms of being an easy fixture, we have never said that victory comes easy. In the first leg, we made it easy because our performance was really good. We are prepared to play a serious match because our opponent has a last chance to get into the battle for qualification. We want the win to get one step closer to our objective, to make it to the next round”.

-On whether he knows that Astana is defeatless at home: “We know their results, we know they have suffered no defeat and the victories they have registered internationally, the ones against Atletico Madrid and Galatasaray. This is an additional reason for us to be more careful and stay focused on the pitch. This is also an extra motive for us to be the first international visitor to win in such a tough arena.”

-On how difficult it is to keep his players focused on tomorrow’s match in view of Sunday’s fixture against Panathinaikos: “We knew already and had no doubt that our fans will be next to us on Sunday. They always stand by us and help us. We know that the stadium will be packed on Sunday. We will have plenty of time to think and talk about that match. We currently deal only with this match. We are here to get the win that will bring us closer to our objective. Following that, we will have our time to consider Sunday’s match”.

-On how crucial tomorrow’s match is and what he would think of a draw: “Of course, it is an important tournament. It’s UEFA’s second most important one. Our original goal was to participate in the UEFA Champions League. However, we currently play in 3 tournaments and we want to be competitive in all of them; our goal is to move forward.”

-On how he feels 2 months after his away win against Young Boys and about being able to work more on improving the team: “Getting better and evolving in the way we work is an ongoing process and cannot happen overnight. We have to get better and better; we have to move forward. We want the team to spot its mistakes and get improved. There are tactical issues we are working on. Things are much better and the squad is at a much better shape since that match against Young Boys; nevertheless, we never stop improving ourselves.”

Andre Martins:

-How much different will tomorrow’s match be to the first one in “G. Karaiskakis”?: “I believe it will be much different compared to the first one in Athens. That result showed that we addressed that fixture with success. Now, however, our opponent will be stronger and more cautious. I believe we will be well prepared and capable of taking a good result. As for the journey here, yes, it was a lengthy and tiring one, but we already got some rest and we have the time to properly prepare ourselves.”

On whether the pitch of Astana’s stadium sets an additional challenge for Olympiacos.: “It won’t be a problem for us. We have already played on such a pitch and took a good result. It is an advantage for our opponent; no matter how big or small, it will be no excuse for us for tomorrow’s match.”

-On the fact that Astana needs nothing but the 3 points and if this will be an additional advantage for Olympiacos in the side’s effort to earn an away win: “I don’t think they are under more pressure than us. We also flew here to get the win and nothing but the win. So, we don’t think of that at all. Both sides want to win. The match will different compared to the one at our homegrounds”.

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