O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Pre-match Press Conference against Barcelona

Pre-match Press Conference against Barcelona

Please read below quotes from our club’s head coach, Mr Takis Lemonis, and Alberto Botia ahead of our side’s match against Barcelona.

Takis Lemonis:

-If the match against Juventus is a lodestar for tomorrow’s encounter:“I think that, generally speaking, this kind of matched must be tackled in the same way. We can’t apply the same style of play both in Greece and Europe. In a way, that match set a paradigm indeed. We can fix a few things, but the general concept remains the same”.

-What can Olympiacos take out of such an important fixture:“Basically, what counts in our job is to the result one may get. Both I and all of you know that we have slim chances, but we came here to claim them to the maximum. There mental earning from every match we play and performing well will do us good. It is not right to say that we will try to enjoy the match. I believe we have a squad that will state its presence in a loud and clear manner”.

-On the matches he had played on Spanish soil:“In this business, we never stop dreaming. You want everything for your team, like great wins and important results. The fact that both my times here were happy ones doesn’t mean that this will be the case tomorrow as well. What I want is to set foot on the pitch and demonstrate how good a team we are. We all comprehend the difficulty in beating a team like Barcelona. So, we will go out there and do what we really can”.

-On what Valverde is for Greece and Olympiacos: “That’s a great question because I do want to comment on that. We originally met in Greece. The style of football he introduced was fitting to the people’s philosophy and he is a beloved individual to them. I was really happy when I learned that he took on Barcelona because he was worthy of that. He’s got the culture and background to rise to the occasion. I wish him the best for his campaign with the exception of tomorrow’s match».

-On his thoughts about his team containing Messi:“I don’t remember how long it was when I read an article saying that the only solution is to lock him in the dressing room. I don’t know if we will do that. We will try to contain him as much as possible. Barcelona features many amazing players».

-On his collaboration with Segura:“We have a very good relationship; he is a football person. He helped us a lot when he joined our club. he now holds an important position in Barcelona and I wish him all the best because he deserves that, both as a professional and an individual”.


Alberto Botia:

-How do you feel about coming back to Camp Nou and how do your teammates await for this great match:“Playing against Barca is always special. I have spent 7 years in the Academy and playing here makes me happy every time. I am here to defend Olympiacos; it is going to be a tough match. it is clear we are to face one of the world’s top teams. We will try for the best and, hopefully, we will leave the pitch with a smile on our face”.

-What do you have to say to those thinking of Barcelona as the favorite:It is normal to think that Barcelona is the favorite; clearly, the match will be hard. We both start from a 0-0 scoreline; we will both fight for the best and for delivering as a team”.

-What is that makes Barcelona invincible:“They registered tremendous evolution. They have now grasped their coach’s concept and are back at top level once again. It will be a difficult match and we will try to give everything we got”.

-What do your teammates ask you about Barcelona:“At any rate, Barcelona is universally famous. What is really unique, it is that they will play against the top players in the world in one of the best pitches on the planet”.

-On how they will contain Barcelona in tomorrow’s match:“Every match is different. We will play a match in which we will try to feel comfortable on the pitch. It will be a different match for us. We saw that against Juventus we also strived for the best”.

-Why has this year started in such a peculiar way for Olympiacos: “Truth be told, we set out his year in a strange way and we have lost many points. Every year I different. We will give everything to return back to normality. Tomorrow we are playing Barcelona and we will give all we got”.

-On the fact that Olympiacos, this year, is less predictable compared to last year:“We have seen that the system has changed. It is not a 4-3-3 formation as it used to be and features a set of moves that is hard for someone to understand. We are playing against the top players in the world and one has to give 100% of himself”.

-On the mistakes Olympiacos has to avoid tomorrow night:“In the end of the day, these are tiny details we are talking about. These teams are of high-level quality. That’s what makes the difference. A single mistake may cost you dearly. We will have to be well organized, make our runs all together and strive for the best”.

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