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Quotes by Martins and Tsimikas

Quotes by Martins and Tsimikas

Read here the quotes by Pedro Martins and Kostas Tsimikas on the press conference before the match against Krasnodar.

Pedro Martins’ quotes in detail:

On how the approach to this match changes based on the fact that the first leg is at home: “It doesn’t change the approach because it’s not the first time that the first leg is at home. Also last year, against Burnley, we played the first match at home. We face these matches as a two part issue. The qualification is decided on two matches and not one. ”

On the similarities that might exist between these matches and the ones against Victoria Plzen and Basaksehir and what might be OLYMPIACOS’ main “weapon” against Krasnodar: “The similarity between the 3 teams is that they fight for the title in their country. Therefore, they are the protagonists and want to impose their game during the match. Krasnodar, comparing with Basaksehir, is a good team offensively, circulates the ball well and scores many goals. It’s a strong team, with qualities, and that knows how to dominate in the pitch.

We have to be focused and careful. We also have to be effective, as we’ve been so far, to be good at possession and circulating the ball and to handle the match efficiently, as on the previous matches. One of our “weapons” is that we play at home and our fans are going to support us, as they always do. A factor of motivation is the great importance of this match. Everybody wants to be on the top competition and knows that it’s decisive for their future, as well as the club’s.”

On whether, based on the good results so far, the motto “don’t change a team on a winning streak” will be applied and whether deciding between El-Arabi and Camara constitutes a good “headache” for him: “There are many factors that influence the preparation for a match. I don’t agree with that motto. We definitely want to keep the good results and form and a combination of features that will bring good results. During the week a player might show that he’s on a better level than another player and that a particular match might suit one player’s characteristics more than another one’s.”

On a scale from 1 to 10, how much of a surprise does he consider Krasnodar’s qualification against Porto and whether some of Krasnodar’s players stand out: “I wouldn’t like to give a number but honestly, knowing both teams and even after the first result, in which Porto won, internally the idea was that nothing was over yet and I thought the qualification was open. It turned out we were right because Krasnodar is well organized, with high level, good counter-attack and quality both individually and collectively”.

On Krasnodar’s players: “There are well-known players that we all know have quality, however it’s not the quality in individual terms but collectively what makes them a good team.”

On Valbuena, who had played in Russia and many had discredited him: “In Portugal we have a motto that says “the older you get the better you are”. This suits Mathieu very much”.

He also added: “Krasnodar is not as experienced as OLYMPIACOS in this competition but it has players who give them this element and it was visible on previous matches. That’s why we need to stay focused and to be careful. We’re going to play against an opponent – theoretically – less experienced than us but the chances are equal and nothing is decided before these two matches.”

On David Blatt: “I hope our basketball coach feels better soon and continues doing what he loves most. Basketball and sports need him and I send him my warm wishes.”

On whether he thinks there is a score in the first leg that might make him feel more confident about the second leg: “Of course the best outcome would be to win without conceding any goals and that would be perfect. However, the qualification will be decided in two matches. Krasnodar also showed against Porto that the result of the first match wasn’t definitive. The qualification will be decided in both matches”.

Kostas Tsimikas’ quotes in detail:

On the qualifications against Victoria Plzen and Basaksehir: “They helped a lot. An important factor was, and still is, that the team’s core is the same. Every player knows what the coach wants and, of course, the coach knows well the team. ”

On the strength he gets from the fans: “When the match starts, you forget everything. You see the fans singing and shouting for the team. There is no pain. You go in, you give everything and the only result you can think of is winning.”

On the fact that he brilliantly marked Kayamba and Visca and now he’s going to face Suleymanov: “I look at each match separately. It all depends on me. How focused I am. The most important thing is the team. If the team does well, so do I. It so happened that I had to deal with the two top players, but I was focused, I gave all I had, the team was also well and we won.”

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