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Cisse: “I dream of winning titles with Olympiacos”

Cisse: “I dream of winning titles with Olympiacos”

Read below an interview with Pape Abou Cisse at Olympiacos.org

Pape Abou Cisse dreams of titles with Olympiacos, discusses live on social media and looks forward to coming back to practice with his teammates; he also discusses his part in both Olympiacos’ historic qualifications and declares himself ready to play in the attack if necessary.

Below in detail follows Cisse’s interview at Olympiacos.org

We see you spend some time on social media and talk with your contacts. Is this a way of communication you always used to apply or is it something triggered by the quarantine?
“We are going through difficult times. Usually, I am not that active on social media, however, it is a means of communication and we use it with my family, friends and our loved one whom we cannot meet with. Talking live on social media still is not something I do often, we just had to resort to with my contact during these tough days. As you may see, in my live chats on social media, I talk with many friends in Senegal, others in Greece and some living in France. We try to spend our time like that, have fun and forget somehow what’s currently going on”.

You now have to work out at home, instead of the pitch. How hard is it to keep fit under these circumstances?
“It is not easy at all to train at home, however, we all try to stay fit. It is not like training on the pitch, since we do no drills, no practicing with the ball or in terms of tactics. I do miss all that. This month of stay-at-home restrictions we just try to stay fit”.

Do you miss training with your teammates?
“Yes, I do miss training with them; we all miss that since we are a team and, together, we have achieved many great things. We miss each other a lot because the atmosphere was amazing and we used to have a great time while working hard”.

When signing with Olympiacos, did you expect to live moments like the ones against Arsenal?
“When I joined Olympiacos, I knew they were a top club and that everything could happen. We performed well against Arsenal and many other teams. So, I expected so and I knew we could make it because we are a very good, top-level team!”

Although a defender, you have greatly configured in two important qualifications of Olympiacos, since you scored both against Milan and Arsenal. Did you expect to have such a major contribution to the club’s history?
“Bothe moments were indeed great; scoring against such top clubs and having my team qualify in prestigious tournaments like the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Champions League were extremely important moments for me and my career. Yes, although I am a defender, I have done my share in our team’s course and helped my team as much as I could. I may become a striker and do everything to support my team if this is required. I am tall and may help offensively with my headers”.

What is your dream as a player of Olympiacos?
“My dream as a player of Olympiacos is to win titles and we are close to achieving that this year. But now we are midway a long break and we have to wait for that to end to attain our goal”.

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