O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Press release

Press release

Press release of Olympiacos FC in regard to the Super League 2 Championship.

Enough is enough. From now on, Olympiacos and the club’s fans will not tolerate the humiliation of all that is left by the instruments of rogue soccer.

The issue is not the “hijacking” distortion of the score in Kallithea, particularly in a game with television coverage, which also exposes their audacity.

In every Super League 2 matchday, soccer is ridiculed by bookies, crooks, and their pawns and even the few teams that try to provide football are drowned.

The issue, thus, is not the countless distortions in our team’s games, which are always at our expense, but also in other teams’ games, with the referees appointed and controlled by the corrupt Mandalos and Bennett. We will also inform the transnational federations FIFA/UEFA of their workings and their days at KED/EPO by exposing the sadness of the SL2 Championship.

The point is that gangrene is filling the body of Greek soccer, and every Sunday implausible guys impart in this squalor in order to become liked by the dirty syndicate that unfortunately runs Greek soccer and the EPO of Baltakos.

At this point, everyone is invited to take a stand. First and foremost, the State and the Minister Mr. Avgenakis. Are they going to let soccer drown in the gutter where they have immersed it or are they, finally, going to save its future? Are they more interested in the real teams and their fans and serious investors, or are they more interested in delinquents and all that happens the back rooms?

Let everyone decide, without exception. It’s either soccer or the swamp. Either they’ll stand by our side to upgrade and give hope to the sport or they’ll crash along with soccer.

PS: Without doubt, the people of Kallithea, as well as other teams, are well aware that the same will happen to them in the future.

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