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The Legend also present in the Radiomarathon!

The Legend also present in the Radiomarathon!

Our Olympiacos captain, Avraam Papadopoulos, spoke of this huge effort made by our side to support UNICEF and all children in need!

The Radiomarathon is an institution that has to be particularly underpinned! Especially when our Olympiacos stands by all actions undertaken by UNICEF, and this year’s support to this global Organization highlights our side’s social dimension! This year’s Radiomarathon, to be held on Thurdsay April 10th, will be painted in red and white since our Olympiacos captain, Avraam Papadopoulos, was present and also interviewed by three radio stations on this splendid initiative!

In detail, Avraam Papadopoulos said:

On the Radiomarathon’s sacred cause:“Congratulations to everyone involved in this initiative. From out part, we are really glad to be also able to contribute. Besides, it represents a huge responsibility for all of us to stand by those children who need us. We have to stay next to our fellow-people, both as the Olympiacos FC and as athletes, and mainly as human beings. I think that over the past years, Olympiacos has shown that the club stands by those people in need and we say “kudos” to everyone involved in such actions and supporting the children and all people in need”.

On Olympiacos decision to have the UNICEF logo on its jersey, instead of any sponsor that would pay money to the club for that:“The public concur this move of ours and they feel satisfied watching the greatness of Olympiacos, a club that goes beyond money and displays something different. Most people approve of that and I think they are happy too”.

On how he felt when playing for the first time with the UNICEF logo on his shirt:“Certainly, this is something that helps you feel complete and proud of; so do we. In the past, as well, both the club and we have attended charity events, but I think this is the most important thing that has happened in recent years”.

On whether he could have imagined living something of the kind when watching Barcelona doing this same move:“Maybe I was a bit jealous of that! It seemed to me very difficult, but as it turned out everything can happen; that’s why we should congratulate both the President and the entire Olympiacos family for bringing this great idea to an end”.

On whether he had thought with his teammates in Olympiacos or the National team of taking similar initiatives, especially in these difficult moments:“What I believe and have already said in the past is that help must not me limited in money. These people deserve and want us by their side to support them. Of course, having said that, it is also a financial issue, but, first and foremost, we have to be next to this people, so they feel safe. Now we try all to do as much we can from our part. The important thing is, however, not to over-promote such initiatives when undertaken, because this is of greater value. In any case, I agree on communicating the initiative, and not its financial details “.

His message to the world in order to support this effort:“We have to stand by this people who need us. We are all human beings and we have to support our fellow-people; most of all, we are sensitive individuals with principles. Since we all know the life that surrounds us, most of us are simple people and see what’s going on; probably, we may have friends of ours who are in need, so we have to support such efforts as much as we can”!

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