O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
The official onset of the Olympiacos’ Academy and Schools of football branch in Chicago

The official onset of the Olympiacos’ Academy and Schools of football branch in Chicago

A delegation of representatives of the Olympiacos Academy and Schools of football travelled to Chicago, USA, on Friday, September 2, in order to announce the launch of the club’s new School of Football, in the state of Chicago.

The delegation, consisting of Thrylos S.A. CEO, Mr. Giorgos Pavlou, the Head of Olympiacos Academy, Mr. Charalambos Zelenitsas, the Olympiacos Academy Technical Director and Scout, Mr. Giorgos Amanatidis and the Olympiacos Adacemy executive and coach, Mr. Vasilis Nanos, was warmly received by numerous club fans; Greek families who live in the states, as well as young kids who were more than excited to receive the representatives of their beloved team.

During their visit, the members of the delegation were given the chance to meet with people from the church, the local Greek community as well as local executives of the American football world.

The outcome of this visit was more than positive as the foundations of a new network of Olympiacos’s schools of football were set successfully.
Upon their arrival back to Greece, the members of the delegation each had something to say about their experiences during this four-day stay in the USA.

Giorgos Pavlou (Thrylos S.A. CEO):

“I feel very happy for this new beginning in the States and more specifically in Chicago. I am excited to start our cooperation with the local Greek community, setting the foundations to educate, train and make the most out of the talented young footballers, no matter whether they are Greeks or not, who might be asked one day to play for the Olympiacos men’s team.

Our visit to Chicago and our activities, while being there, proved once again that Olympiacos is not limited to football but also functions as a socially and culturally active organization. This effort shows that Olympiacos is always close to all Greek supporters, wherever they are.”

Charalambos Zelenitsas (Head of Olympiacos Academy):

“The creation of an Olympiacos School of Football in Chicago is part of our Football Academy’s program and I believe that it will help strengthen the relations between the club and the football fans in the U.S.A. I am certain that our associates will meet the high expectations set by the local Greek community and us all.”

Giorgos Amanatidis (Technical Director– Olympiacos Football Academy Scout):

“Olympiacos is once again close to the Greek community abroad and, in this case, to the United States, where the Greek element has always been intense.

Following the example of many big European clubs we are now too developing our Network of Schools in the USA with the belief that this new school of ours in Chicago will be a firm base for our team. Of course we will not stop here!

Any parent who seeks to offer his child the best possible sport education and teach him the principle of the sporting spirit is always more than welcome to join any of our schools, no matter which club the child is a fan of.”

Vasilis Nanos (Academy coach):

“Olympiacos is the most important team in hellenic football and it should always stay close to the Greek fans, especially to those who live abroad.
The philosophy of the administration is to expand the academy’s network globally. Through the cooperation amongst all the coaching staffs of the academy, the administration can make the most out of the young talents of the sport, both in Greece as well as abroad. This is why they decided to found an academy in Chicago, a state where the Greek element is very strong.

Our goal and aim is to cover a wider spectrum of the United States and create more schools like this in the bigger cities of America and Canada. We are certain beforehand of the result, as we have already discovered the enthusiasm, the support and the tenderness of the Greek community in all aspects; social, educational and religious.”

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