O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Our players quotes

Our players quotes

Read below what Olympiacos players told the Press after the fiesta.

Balasz Megyeri:

“This is a very beautiful day for the team. The fans created a great atmosphere and we thank them for that. This year had so many good moments, we suffered only one defeat and it is very difficult to choose a favorite moment.

We dedicate this title to our fans, the President and those who stood by us this year”.

Francois Modesto:

“Definitely, our supporters drove us to victory again today and we dedicate this title to them. we want to end this season with a double, so as to fill them with more joy.
It is important to win one more title. This is Greece’s top club and this is want I want. We remain focused and we want to bring home one more title.

My mind is set on the last encounters for the Greek Cup and I am always concentrated on my club”.

Djamel Abdoun:

“Last year’s campaign was important too. This year’s is not over yet, we still have 2 matches ahead. What we want is to stage a great finale both for our president and fans. I dedicate this championship title to my family, the fans, our coaching staff and my teammates, while we should not forget Mr. Jardim”.

Ariel Ibagaza:

“I want to stay one more year in Olympiacos; I can still be of help and offer things to the team, however this is up to the Management and Coach, who are responsible for such decisions”, he originally said and then added about the Greek Cup aim: “For sure, we want to win this year’s double as well. Our goal is to celebrate an additional title, by bringing the Cup home after the Championship”.
Last, on the people’s love for him, he stressed: “Certainly, I wasn’t expecting this turn of things when I first came. Passion is the word designating Olympiacos. I am proud of all we have accomplished in this club”.

Rafik Djebbour:

“This very moment I feel very tensed both physically and emotionally. Every time I win a championship is unique and, even if this is my 3rd time with Olympiacos as a champion, every moment is special”, Djebbour originally stated and added: “It is difficult to pick one. This year’s title came quite early and that was something particular, however I always hold a sweet memory from the first title because it was my first one”.
Ending, Djebbour, talking in Greek, stated his joy for the title: “I am very happy for winning the championship again, as it was somehow peculiar this year.what I want to say is that I am very pleased. I have nothing more to say other than it feels great to win the title again”

Pablo Contreras

“When I came to Olympiacos, I knew that demands would be plenty. I am aware of the club’s size, but it is different when experiencing it from within. The fans and my teammates supported me since day one and I want to thank them. Certainly, the campaign seemed easy given the extended final lead in points, but things didn’t develop that easily. Do not forget that we won several matches in the closing minute, something that shows we never quitted fighting for the win in a single match.
Having said that, there have been some changes amidst the season and that affected us for some time. We had to adapt to different styles of play, which I consider to have been the most difficult part of the season. We still have the Cup ahead and I think we are in pretty good shape to win the double”

Avraam Papadopoulos

“I am proud of being a member of Olympiacos family, like all players belonging to this great club. We do live some very beautiful moments and we thank all those who stood by and support the team. Certainly, this has been a peculiar year for the squad, but what I want to say is that we will try to do everything possible, so that the team performs in a manner worthy of the club and suitable to people’s desire. Nevertheless, I think that our teams’ dynamics was evident and we are rightfully championship title holders; we are also obliged to win the next title, and this is what we want do, so that the year ends in the best possible way.
Definitely, it has been a difficult year for me since I suffered a severe injury. Unfortunately, these are the negative aspect of football and the life of a football player; having said that, one has to come out stronger from such injuries and it takes persistence and patience, plus a lot of work. This is the way to achieve anything».

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