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O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Quotes by Mr Michel

Quotes by Mr Michel

Read below quotes of Mr Michel after the end of the match against Malmo.

Why is that Olympiacos had to reach the final minutes in order to beat Malmo, a side that produced few chanced but mad 100% use of them.

“Generally speaking, this is something that did not happened for the first time; I happens quite often and thus it has caused us a sense of insecurity. We have had a great spell in Champions League. Talking about numbers, we have one point less than last year. We have conceded five goals more than last year. However, I am satisfied with your image. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with our display. Only in Madrid have we been completely unrecognizable. On all other things, we have been lucky.

Do you believe that the decisive match for Olympiacos to qualify had been the one in Sweden etc. How do you intend to change this problem you mentioned? Do you think that, talking about defense, this is solely up to the defenders or this an issue for the whole team?

“I believe that our disqualification from the Champions League was due to the fact that we had to play against two top clubs, and not due to defense, attack or the match hosted in Sweden. If we could have built the match the way we wanted, we would have done so. All in all, we have adjusted results of our home matches against Atletico and Juventus. This is a group stage, many things can happen. When a side concedes many goals, it is not only the defenders to blame, but the whole defending pattern of the skit. Tonight, we have conceded two goals in the exact same way like the goals scored by PAS. We don’t want to put the blame on any of our defending players, but on our overall defending skills. We have to be much more aggressive in our defense. There are things that take place in the Tournament. The other day we let two shots go on target by PAS and they scored twice. The same happened tonight. I do not want to comment that much on our side’s attacking or defending performance. I want to talk about the overall attitude of the side. If ones plays with his soul and passion like tonight, then things may turn to our favor».

To what extent has the team been affected by the fact there 4 new faces before Franceso;

“I have never talked about the players we lost compared to last years’. I didn’t do it either in our first match against Atletico. You will never hear me complaining or asking for more stuff. Not in public, or in private. And I have said many times that the players deliver many more things than those I asked them for. As fans of Olympiacos, we would like to have the best coach and the best football players. We got what we got, and we are fine. We performed well in our group and I think we reached a point which is far from poor. So, it is probable that we could have had the best players, as it is certain that we might have had a better coach”.

Players seem to be a little loose in the domestic championship. Is this due to excessive optimism that the championship’s winner is usually known as early as in October last year?

“I agree with you that, for the domestic championship, plays in a cooler way than in Europe. I have really tried to find an answer to that; however I have not. I prepare the squad for both domestic and European matches in the same way. I am not obviously saying that it is easy to win sides in Greece. I want to tell you a secret: against all our opponents (Malmo, Atletico, Kerkyra) we make use of the “set piece” strategy; this means practicing 3 times a week. We have a training session on the same day of the match. We videotape our training, then play the video in the locker rooms and review the position each player should have. Then, we produce a small book with all these images. Before we start the warming-up, we meet with Alcorta and Nikopolidis, to remind everyone their positions. Players tend to forget when it comes to Greece, and not in Europe. ».

So, it’s a matter of state of mind?

“I swear I do the same. Don’t you think that I am putting the blame on the players! We have scored 10 times this year in the Champions League, and half of them have been produced in set-pieces it is horrible that 50% of all goals are set-pieces. I fact, it is unbelievable that Alcorta and Nikopolidis enter the pitch with their notebooks to remind players of their positions. That’s the difference I can see.

Is it a matter of prestige?

“I have the same motive despite my age”

Do you feel threatened? Have you experience the previous, turbulent week?

“Many things have happened this week that you are not aware of. Many negative things in our family. The most important of them was that Koulis Doureas was taken for operation. We really missed him today. We really missed you tonight, yet we are certain that you are satisfied with our celebrations and the four goals we scored. Many things happen in the daily life of a coach that have nothing to do with tactics to be implemented and his relationships with players. Everybody wants to play and has his own ideology. If I tell you the things that have happened with regard to that issues, you will see that there are many things to fix in the course of time. If I said twice that we might need a better coach, anyone if free to believe that there is another coach type that is suitable for Olympiacos. So, I always tell you the same thing: agreement even amongst you is an illusion”.

Olympiacos holds a record. The side has been disqualified many times after collecting 9 points.

“We sell more than we buy. Indeed, this says a lot about budgets amongst clubs and it also shows our value with respect to other clubs. In the last five minutes, the minds of all in Juventus was here. Both Juventus and Atletico’s coaches use luxury cars to go to work. We all go on the same car and we feel happy. Do not ask me to reach my destination more quickly than them. So, I thank the players. I am satisfied, yet not happy, because I think we were could have made it through. If we find Santa’s spirit in Champions League and the domestic championship, then we will win the title”.

Outside, the president said something about new signings. What are you going to ask him?

“There are some things that it is mandatory that they change for some players, who for personal reasons, have to leave the team. We will try to find solutions that will be more competitive on certain positions. I do not know if it is doable, but since he said so, then he probably knows something already.”

Will you tell us who’s going to leave?

“We think you know”.

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