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Roberto’s letter to the family of Olympiacos

Roberto’s letter to the family of Olympiacos

Read what Roberto Jimenez Gago wrote to the family of Olympiacos.

Let me start by mentioning and thanking those who believed in me three years ago. The technical staff and Michel, who brought me to this Club where I lived a beautiful three-year experience.

I would definitely would like to extend a special note to our President Mr. Evangelos Marinakis, who not only believed in me when I first joined the Team, but also boosted my confidence in order to work hard and present the best of me… and who has stood by me as if I were his son in my difficult moments, by offering all that was in his power. A President, who has once more shown that he, does not only care for the prosperity of the Club he loves…but for the wellbeing and happiness of his players.

In this particular case I have seeked help in him. He knows that it is a very personal issue and that I would never do anything to harm Olympiacos. He has understood me; he has respected me and helped me out with all his heart. A few days ago, I told him that my wish was to be able to say in this letter, that my President, Mr. Evangelos Marinakis helped me out in rejoining with my family.

Greece is a big country and living football in Greece is beautiful and special. And thanks to people like our President, football keeps a warm flame that nurtures millions of fans.
For all these reasons, I thank him.

I would like to address now those who deserve it most, the people who suffer with us. Those who fill up our stands in the stadium and make us feel proud of our profession. Our fans…
From the very first day that I arrived in this club, there has never been a single day that I did not feel proud of this jersey. Our stadium became my home and your everlasting support and strength motivated me in never giving up. So that I can strive until the very end, because you deserve that.

Every word, every message and every smile was winning me over. Up to the moment that this Club and these fans became a part of myself, for now and forever… Two years ago the President proposed me to become one of the Captains of the Team and that also I owe it to you.
You have lifted my name to a special place, and gave a normal man the confidence of a leader. A leader, who wore the Captain’s armband, with all the respect and responsibility suited for such an important emblem. An armband, worn by the most prominent players in the history of this club.

I would like to tell you that the decision to leave was entirely mine. I have received countless messages and Olympiacos has offered me all the necessary means in order to stay. And of course you, who so many times have askedto me to stay in the port with your chants… But life is not only about football, life is also about finding a balance that makes you happy. And I have 2 young “motives” in need of a hero.

Whoever knows me well, would know that I have never done anything for money. A while ago I stated that I would never leave this Club if only for the pursuit of happiness in another place.
And I am proud that although there were chances to find happiness elsewhere, I never felt the need to seek it in these places…But now I do.

Now I embark in a new adventure for a Club that believed in me. A Club that I feel the need to thank, for its patience and effort put in order to sign me. A historical and respectable Club. In an exciting project, that I will be part of, with all my powers, motivated to achieve all our goals.

I feel ready to address any challenge, I feel that I am at my prime and this feeling I also achieved it at Olympiacos during these wonderful three years.
There are some eye opening details, that some times make you feel that you belong.

Details like receiving messages from all corners of Greece and from fans of all teams, who want to thank you for the memories.

Or, to see our caretaker, with tears in his eyes keeping my shoes in a bag.
For sure there were good times and bad ones. I have experienced many days of joy but also some frustrating ones.

For sure there will be people who like me as a goalkeeper, and people who don’t believe that I am a high standard one.

But there is one thing that I want all and each of you to remember, that under the goalposts of Olympiacos, stood a good man, one who gave all he had for the Club and its colors.
I will ask from you only one thing…

To keep supporting the Club as only you know how to and if you make the players to feel half as important as you made me feel, they will be privileged.
I will not say more for a simple reason..

Because this Club has stolen an important part of my heart, but I have to ask you to please nurture this part well, because I hope that one day I will be able to return in order to take it back and keep on writing history with this Club that gave me so much.
For one more time, a thousand thank you from the bottom of my heart…

Long Live the Legend…. Long Live Olympiacos!

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