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O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Words by top performers

Words by top performers

Read below words of our side’s players after the end of the match against Juventus.

Silvio Proto:

-His comment on the match:I would like to congratulate my teammates for tonight’s performance, since we gave everything on the pitch. We know we could have taken something more, however we are satisfied because in a team, no-one is more important than the team. Today we played for Olympiacos, for our team and we are satisfied by the fact that we gave everything. I am never happy and satisfied when I lose; preferably, we could have taken a better result, but I am satisfied because we played the best we could for the team’s sake”.

-What was the thing that changed Olympiacos display within a few days: You know very well that domestic league matches are completely different to the UEFA Champions League ones. In the Greek league, Olympiacos is always considered to be the favorite team, whereas in Europe things are completely different. We have to defend well and use our chances in order to make something good. We were dissatisfied with last week’s championship result, since we were up 2-0 and still managed to lose that match. We were really discontent, but things today were completely different since we were facing an opponent better than us, a great team; however, we know we have given it all. We have to keep on working, we are a young team, and we have to take learnings out of this international experience. We have to improve ourselves and become the best we can and I believe that we have to do well in the UEFA Champions League. We were drawn in a group together with the likes of Juventus and Barcelona, but in football one never knows what will happen. You may play well and still lose the match or you can perform poorly but get one point or three. This is why you have to play well, to believe in oneself and you never know what will happen”.

Dimitris Nikolaou:

-His comment on the match:We tried, we gave everything and we have things to correct. We conceded 2 goals, we could have scored as well, there are things we have to work upon; I think it was a good start and things will go fine later”.

-On the experience of marking players like Dybala, Higuain or Mandzukic: Indeed, it was a dream. It is my dream. Three years ago, I was on the stands with the U-2o team and now I found myself performing on this pitch. This was quite a thrill for me. Laying against players of the lies of Higuain, Dybala and Mandzukic is very important for me. it is my dream. I used to select them in Fifa [videogame] and now I saw them in real life. I have to try, I am getting better and everything will go fine”.

-On the change of the side’s display within a few days: We certainly had to change a few things. Since early in the season, I used to believe that we have a great group of very good players. Mr Lemonis helped us, he told us a few things we had to do; we tried to apply them on the pitch and I think we did with some them”.

Emanuel Emenike:

-On his feelings after the match: We are sad for losing the match since we wanted to get one point here. We came here aiming at earning at least one point. This was our objective and we failed. At this very moment, we are disappointed, but we have to keep on fighting and try to win something out of this group stage”.

-On Olympiacos improvement compared to last matches: I thing we were ready for tonight’s match. We were really disappointed with our previous championship defeat, but the truth is we managed to put that derby aside and we came here to try and earn a good result and one point. To be honest, truth is I am impressed with my teammates. We worked a lot and particularly my mates in defense; and this is quite satisfying”.

-If these matches represent a guiding sign for the team’s ongoing campaign in Europe and for the next season: Yes, but we will have to keep on pushing. We have to work hard. Our performance tonight was far better than the one against Sporting, but we have to keep on working more. All guys work really hard”.

Leonardo Koutris:

-On their good performance despite defeat: We knew it would be a tough match; we came to play Juventus at home and they really needed the win at any cost because of their previous defeat to Barcelona on MD 1. We knew our task would a difficult one. We had our coach replaced and along with it many things changed in the team. Our coach didn’t have much time to work with us; he had no more than 2 days. What he tried to make us understand is that we have to be compact. Keep our lines close and provide Juventus with no free space. Do so and you will pay for it. I think the team hold exceptionally well. All guys gave everything and they were amazing. I want to congratulate them. In 2-3 occasions, we were not sharp and if one makes a couple of mistakes against such teams, then one will pay for it. We could have scored once in the first half; we had some chances in counter-attack and we should have scored. We didn’t. So, heads up high and we are moving on. We just made a quite decent performance at home of one of Europe’s top teams, hence we move on”.

-On the side’s “metamorphosis” in a very short time span: Our previous coach had one philosophy, our current one has his own to try and instill on us. Mr Lemonis words made us understand certain things. As said before, we wanted our lines to stay close and give no space to Juventus; I think we made it although we made 2-3 mistakes due to fatigue and laxity, call it whatever you want. Now we have a very important league match on Sunday and then we have a break. So, we will then work more with our new coach in order to improve ourselves”.

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