O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Words by top performers

Words by top performers

Read below words of our side’s players after the end of the match against Barcelona.

Thanasis Androutsos:

-Whether he had this dream, when he was very young, to play in the Camp Nou against Barcelona?: It was magical. A dream of mine came true, but we keep on dreaming. It was something magical, nothing more than that. I cannot describe it in words; an amazing experience for me”.

-Whether he is satisfied with Olympiacos display: “Losing cannot be something that makes us happy, however one has nothing to lose in such matches. You can only get things out of it, learn from one’s mistakes, check the state and level one is at and, thus, keep going and working”.

-Whether Olympiacos has improved their display on the pitch lately: «As more days go by, we become an even better team; A fist and this is how we have to be since we have really tough matches ahead in the domestic league; one single fist and we have to be as well prepared as possible since we have tough matches coming up next with the first one being played on Sunday».

Dimitris Nikolaou:

-On the goal he scored against Barcelona in Camp Nou»: “I am lost for words. It is unbelievable that I scored in plain “Camp Nou”; the entire team performed well, we looked Barcelona straight in the eyes, and we all gave everything we got. We did the best we could and we now turn our eyes to the future. There are mistakes to correct, check our individual mistakes –which we surely did- during the match and look up to the future “.

-What does it feel to liv in such a pitch: “What I have also said before the match against Juventus, all this is just a dream. Marking the likes of Messi and Suarez provides me with great experiences and memories by such matches, I learned what it meant to perform at the top level, I get to know the players who excelled and I try to improve myself as well”.

-Whether Olympiacos has improved their display on the pitch lately: “Certainly, our team has taken steps forward, we show that bad it is now obvious. Now, we have an important match against PAOK on Sunday. We will give our best, we want the fans to stand by us and come to the stadium, as they have done so far. I hope things will be great”.

Omar Elbdellaoui:

-What does he take out of this match: “Indeed, it is always very difficult for any team to visit such a home ground, like Barcelona’s , against a side that I consider as the best in the world. I think our display was good, we believed in it when the match turned 1-0; however, when we conceded the 2nd, things became much tougher for us. I think we made a good effort, we gave all we got and even more. Of course, Barcelona’s level is so high that leaves you no room to stage many things on the pitch and try claim the best. Whatever place we go and play in we always want to claim something more and that was what we tried for tonight”.

Silvio Proto:

-What are his own take-outs from tonight’s match against Barcelona: “The positive thing was that we managed to score against Barcelona. That’s our take-out from tonight’s match. We knew we were to face a really great side and we knew that well before. But we had to give our best. I was disappointed when we let the 2nd in, because up to that moment I thought that we might have a chance when plying 11 against 10 men; however, things were really tough against Barcelona. Even when we conceded the 2nd goal, we knew that this would be a very big problem; So, we stress the fact that we scored a goal and it is a really pity that we won nothing”

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